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Protoculture News: Victor holds auditions for the next Macross heroine

Ever wanted to join the ranks of Lynn Minmay and Mylene Flare Jenius? To save the galaxy through the power of song? If you’re between the ages of 12 and 25, your dreams could come true! Oh, and you have to be an unmarried woman. And send them a demo tape (CD-R, MD, video, DVD) with two songs (if they’re covers, they can’t both be by the same artist). You’ll need a pair of pictures, too (one close up of your face and a full body shot for “atmosphere”). There’s an application form as well, of course (better have a parent along if you’re under 18). Want to know a bit more about what you’ll be getting into? Tough – Victor won’t answer questions about the new Macross production ahead of the fact.

This whole thing is just so steeped in old-school deliciousness I don’t know where to begin – this audition process itself is practically an anime in the making. I wish I could be a fly on the wall at the production studio on the day those who make the first round cut gather to size each other up… (no more)

Let’s Get Those CDs Rolling

Howdy, folks!

You might have seen my name floating around here and there in some of the comments to Shingo’s posts in the past. While these comments will still make their sporadic appearances, it’s instead with much gusto that I am here to announce my incipient journalistic endeavors in a brand spanking new column for HD.

FAQ: Sourcing Images

Tired of spamming 4chan’s /r/ board with fruitless image source queries? HD shows you how to mine the nigh-limitless resource that is the Japanese otaku collective brain trust in this first installment of what will hopefully become a regular site feature: Shingo Answers Questions To Which He Believes People Might Not Know The Answers And To Which Said Answers Might Prove Useful.

We call it: the FAQ.

Figure News: Bome Figure Collection #21 Honey Bunny Karen & Rio preorder open

Amiami has begun taking preorders for the next Kaiyodo / Bome collaboration piece, Honey Bunny Karen & Rio (image gallery). It’s based on an illustration by Shio Sakura that first appeared as a pinup in an unspecified “comic magazine” (I hate to leave it at that, but Amiami is sparse on the details and she has way too long a resume to attempt an educated guess). This pair of bunny girls is slated for an early May release, though those seeking the biggest bang for their yen might be advised to wait for the domestic offering from Diamond. (no more)