Now that I have something of a professional interest in the X Change line of games from Crowd I’ve begun following them more closely, and none more so than the announcement of X Change Alternative 2 that’s been lurking on the horizon for a few months now. It was scooped fully for the first time in May’s edition of Tech Gian, which was followed today by the opening of the game’s official site. Details follow:

Items of interest surrounding the game (that we know thus far) include a considerable update in design quality over previous entries in the series, courtesy of artist Konohana (Erogamescape, personal page), known for his dekochin characters and style that mixes elements of Range Murata and recent Gainax releases. The scenario is to be handled by “okomeman”, a newcomer to the eroge scene (though he’s been posting on the Crowd staff blog for awhile now).

What really blew me out of the water was the note on the bottom of the game’s Spec page to the effect that the OP vocal is to be handled by none other than Momoi Haruko. On the spectrum of bizarre eroge news this ranks as only slightly less surprising than an entire Tech Gian article in English.

My personal interest as well as professional interest is now piqued, so expect more coverage of the title here as developments proceed…

PS: Regarding actual game content, it seems that unlike earlier releases in the series XCA2 will revolve around body swapping instead of outright gender change. Details, details.