Fresh off of the resounding success of the December 2006 release of Sengoku Rance, veteran eroge maker Alice Soft represents today with their tentative production pipeline for the remainder of 2007. What lies in store for us eager fans? The answer will surprise you. A bit. Maybe?

Double Sensei Life

First up is Double Sensei Life, an ADV budget title in the vein of Shimaima and Yokubari Saboten, slated for release in June;


then an “ojou-sama wo iinari ni suru” game (provisional title), also an ADV budget title, which roughly translates as “the taming of the shrew“;


next is the long awaited next installment in their “adult henshin heroines” series (provisional title), a full budget ADV in the mold of their 2002 smash hit Choukou Tenshi Escalayer; and

rounding out the year’s prospective releases is a full budget RPG title for which there is scant information as of yet, though Alice Soft’s Maker: The Gathering write up in this month’s Tech Gian does hint that it will be of a different flavor than the recently released Rance titles and Galzoo Island.

A lot to look forward to this year, though this confirms there will be no new Rance until 2008, alas…