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Moe as Commodity

Guest columnist SDS steps in today with a scholarly essay exploring the notion of moe as a commodity and his own reflections on the meaning of the term. If you’ve ever thought about the intersection of labor and capital with big eyes and small mouths, this one’s a must read. My question is: if Karl Marx were alive today, would he be a CCS fan?

BFCT2006 Report, Part Deux

In which there is further in-depth discussion of yesterday’s event, or more properly the events of yesterday (the “main event” falling far short of performance expectations). Also, a plea for suggestions: how can we quantify “moe” in the dorkiest way possible?

Event Report: Bishoujo Figure Convention Tokyo 2006

The title says it all: HD pays a visit to the 2006 installment of the Tokyo Bishoujo Figure Convention, and comes away satisfied – though not entirely by the event. Don’t plan you’re vacation around this one unless you have a friend willing to sit through it with you…