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Comiket Eve

I tried to turn this post into a parody of A Visit From St. Nicholas, to no avail. At any rate – the list has been compiled, the requisite energy drinks and granola bars purchased, and tomorrow I sally forth at 4:30 AM for the brave new world that is the third day of Comiket 71. Wish me luck. A report will be forthcoming…

Merry Christmas from Heisei Democracy

All I want for Christmas is a date with Ohno Kanako. :3

Mainichi Junk: Enkai Hard

In which Shingo looks back at a spotty, nay mottled year of blogging, and ruminates on the nature of the bounenkai.

Mainichi Junk: Otome Road

This is placeholder text for another post that isn’t very interesting, but is a necessary step on the road back to regular, productive and engaging otaku blogging. Please bear with the noise as we try to regain the signal…

Otaku no Michi

The path of otaku righteousness is straight, narrow, and paved with many thorns. In which another night’s Akihabaran escapades are documented against nigh-insurmountable odds!

Mainichi Junk: Rally Round

Planning a trip to Comiket 71? Post here! Also a brief game report: Q-bon, Rance 7, and that Ail one. Will Shingo really manage to extricate himself from the icy clutches of Neverwinter Nights? News at 11.

Moe as Commodity

Guest columnist SDS steps in today with a scholarly essay exploring the notion of moe as a commodity and his own reflections on the meaning of the term. If you’ve ever thought about the intersection of labor and capital with big eyes and small mouths, this one’s a must read. My question is: if Karl Marx were alive today, would he be a CCS fan?

BFCT2006 Report, Part Deux

In which there is further in-depth discussion of yesterday’s event, or more properly the events of yesterday (the “main event” falling far short of performance expectations). Also, a plea for suggestions: how can we quantify “moe” in the dorkiest way possible?

Event Report: Bishoujo Figure Convention Tokyo 2006

The title says it all: HD pays a visit to the 2006 installment of the Tokyo Bishoujo Figure Convention, and comes away satisfied – though not entirely by the event. Don’t plan you’re vacation around this one unless you have a friend willing to sit through it with you…

Holiday of the Lambs

Trapped in Faerun, Send Help