In today’s update: 1985 giant robot anime Dancouga gets a 21st century makeover, Marimite shows its boyish (love) side, PS2 news from Simoun and Fate, Navel’s Really? Really! gets a demo movie (really!), Resort Boin is webbishly incarnated, scoops the week in eroge, Konami’s Mechamusume 3 site goes live, Alter’s Ignis hits store shelves, Shingo rants incoherently about the evils of Hobbyfan vis a vis Bubba’s Haruhi, and a round up of recent figure release news through next April.

Media Side

  • Old-school giant robot fans take note: word comes down today that Choujuukishin Dancouga (English fan site, .jp wiki entry) is being remade as Dancouga NOVA, a new series scheduled to pilot on February 15th 2007 on Animax. While details are still sparse, it’s apparently a Bandai / Sega / Sony coproduction and will feature a new “21st century” Dancouga story. If the 21st century means your head is wider than your shoulders I’m not sure I want to live there…
  • Over at Marimite HQ the Hanadera Gakuin student council profiles are now online, and they look like a somewhat more menacing version of Ouran‘s host club… there are the obligatory twins, the ladykiller, the one with glasses, and the shota. I’m looking forward to seeing how they interact with the heroines of Lilian. :3
  • Simoun fans will be happy to note that the iconic eyecatch images present in the anime will be supplemented in the upcoming PS2 game release, shown when the game switches back and forth between ADV and SLG modes. The official site doesn’t list a release date yet, but the opening movie pegs it for a November 30th launch.
  • Volume 3 of the quarterly moe-themed serial magazine Dragon Age Pure will go on sale November 29th – watch this space for more information as to the Ito Noizi and / or other special goods to be included therein.
  • Mabinogi fans take note! Starting today (November 9th), the second and third Thursday of every month will see a new Mabinogi-themed wallpaper appear on the game’s official Japanese site, penned by a variety of accomplished artists. The first one doesn’t seem to be online as of 6:30 in the morning, but a preview is available here courtesy of ITmedia. Nao-chan~~
  • The Agent AIKa remaster box site has updated with information on the show’s mecha. Funny, I don’t recall seeing any non-curved surface in the show the first time I watched it… ah, that’s better. Look for panties PANTIES on January 26th.

Ero Side

  • A demo movie is now available for Navel’s November 24th release of Really? Really!, mentioned here because Navel is really popular. Really! Like Tick! Tack! before it, this latest offering makes heavy and industrious use of animated arrow action… woah. “Arrow” sounds like “ero”, only this trailer isn’t. It must be a clue, Batman!
  • News that a sequel to 2004’s Happo Bijin-designed Boin was in the works hit the rumor mill (and magazine stand) last February, with teasers appearing regularly in Tech Gian since then – but only now is Resort Boin officially confirmed on Crossnet’s site, for a January 26th release. Not much content to chew on yet, though obscenely large promo image files are available if you have an industrial-capacity office printer to abuse. Despite its title I have it on good authority that Resort Boin offers a wide variety of bust sizes fit for all connoisseurs, so I’d heartily recommend checking back as release approaches…
  • represents with this week in eroge, spotlighting the eight titles on sale November 10th. Bit of a thin crowd this week, as is typical for this time of the month – notable however is the oft-delayed Kazama Mana from M no Violet, originally scheduled for release on the heels of the OVA by the same name.
  • A sample CG page is finally up for Hadashi Shoujo’s upcoming Harem x Scratch, also due for a January 26th release. Much less variation in bust size available here, and while I do enjoy the artistic stylings of Asahi (Fullmetal Madness) I think I’ll be giving this one a miss.
  • Those tracking MBS Truth’s December 8th release of Boku to Nakadashi Onna Kyoushi will be happy to see a new infusion of sample CG up at Game Style. At this point it’s looking like all paipan all the time, though I’d bet dimes to donuts that there’s an option you can toggle for that…

Hobby Side

  • The official site for Konami’s third series of Mechamusume trading figures is now online. They’re scheduled for a March 22nd release, and knowing Konami they’ll hold to that date or die trying. Sign me up for a box!
  • The January edition of the new monthly serial Novel Japan (on sale December 9th) will come with a Queen’s Blade pencil board included, featuring the illustration excerpted at the above link on one side and a render (not to be included in the book itself) of 3D Reina on the other. Worth the 780 yen sticker price of the magazine? Perhaps…
  • Alter’s Ignis is out! Moeyo represents with the scoop, as usual. She’d better not sell out before tomorrow evening… Provided I can score a copy I think I’ll do a triple threat review of the Bome, the Max and the Alter – no expense spared for Ignis, who is certainly the hottest eroge heroine of the decade. One of them, at least.


  • If you want a legitimate, legal, money actually goes to the sculptor version (unlike the version offered by the worse than pond-scum wretches of hobbyfan, may their lettuce salad be ever wilted) of Bubba’s bunny girl Haruhi resin kit, you can either pick up a copy of Dengeki Hobby‘s December edition, or Figure Maniax vol. 22, on shelves today (though the site hasn’t been updated to reflect it). Details on ordering are in the magazine and I’ll report when I know exactly what’s what, but I can say this now – if you order from Hobbyfan or a similar outlet, the terrorists / triad / your own worst enemy has already won. And you’re getting a second generation, inferior quality kit in the bargain.

Upcoming Figure Releases

November 2006

January 2007

  • Sugar Complex’s Youko PVC from Inukami
  • Sugar Complex’s Nadeshiko PVC from Inukami

February 2007

March 2007

April 2007

  • Happinet’s Tsukino PVC from Yakitate Japan

Ahh, I love the smell of polyvinyl chloride in the morning…