There are winners and losers every month when it comes to Megami, and this issue seems crafted to thwart my personal tastes in almost every respect (gosurori Haruhi being a notable exception). That said, fans of Negima and many of the new moe shows of the season will come away happy, and those who dig the teen versions of Nanoha and Hayate should appreciate the extra that’s included. Read on!

The only items that do it for me in this month’s batch of posters are the gosurori Haruhi, the Zero no Tsukaima, and the Gift (by virtue of its superior production value)… I wouldn’t mind posters from shows I wasn’t interested in so much if they maintained this high (and rather nipply) standard of quality. Alas, not the case in this issue. :(

Fans of the new SHAFT Negima certainly have cause to rejoice however, and the 70 centimeter Nanoha / Hayate exchangeable “stand pop” (assembly instructions here, I didn’t bother to put it together myself) should please devotees of the Big Bang school of hair design. For those in the “this season’s anime designs are a highly potent anesthetic” camp with me, during the post’s intermission I’ll be circulating a petition to bring back the 2006 spring and summer seasons for the next few months… Megami can be acquired from J-List, for those interested.