In which Shingo stays up considerably past his bedtime to detail a few of the days events, and post pictures thereof.

I went to Akihabara earlier this evening, and got some loots.

loot, small.

If you click on this the mosaics will go away. Alert: there is ero.


When I purchased Chitose at Toranoana I was given three green tickets. These were to be used at the HOBBY MATSURI section of the second annual Akihabara Enta-Matsuri, and could be exchanged for the chance to spin a lottery ball machine thing and hope that something nice came out.

a long, long line.

Upon arrival at the scene I discovered a very long line, and decided to keep the three green tickets as souvenirs.


Other recent cool things include Onsen Ohno.

springs included

She is spring-powered!

armor practicality rating of -37

Reina-sama may cut you.

More soon~