HD takes a look inside the new installment of this most moe of quarterlies, on sale October 26th. Fans of POP, Askray, meganekko, and Kashimashi would do well to check it out, as would those enticed (or puzzled) by the notion of PANTY TRUMP. Pictures inside!

As mentioned in today’s earlier update, the extra that comes with the current issue of Moeoh is nothing less than a full 54-card deck of “panty trump” playing cards.

Aside from the novelty of playing cards (solitaire, most likely) with a deck featuring 26 moe artists of fame (clubs and diamonds are close-ups of the images featured on the spades and hearts), the magazine’s content improves considerably this quarter over last issue’s somewhat lackluster showing. Check it out:

Those interested in picking it up can find the magazine here courtesy of Amazon, though word has it shipping is twice the cost of the item itself…

In other news, it seems that starting in January of next year I’ll be leaving the world of English education for a position at “a major online retailer of items from Japan”. My job will primarily involve debugging, editing, and post-production of English translated eroge, which narrows the field somewhat, but I’ll leave the thin veil of secrecy up for the time being… Needless to say, exciting times are upon us. Updates aplenty on the horizon!