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Magazine Review: Dengeki Moeoh December 2006

HD takes a look inside the new installment of this most moe of quarterlies, on sale October 26th. Fans of POP, Askray, meganekko, and Kashimashi would do well to check it out, as would those enticed (or puzzled) by the notion of PANTY TRUMP. Pictures inside!

Mainichi Junk: Sleeping Beauty

In which last night’s post is somewhat explicated, and further delvings are made into various stuff and things, in categories such as Anime, Manga, Moe, Hobby, and Ero. I guess those are all the categories in this post!

Post-Akibatic Ramblings

In which Shingo stays up considerably past his bedtime to detail a few of the days events, and post pictures thereof.