Hey guys, it’s a post about a lack of posts! If it gets any more meta around here I’m going to start breaking things…

Rumors of my death have once again been greatly exaggerated, and posting will start again tomorrow. Pending certain developments in the next few days I should be getting plenty of initiative to get things back on course.

The past weeks have provided a brutally effective combination of posting disincentives:

  • The lingering burden of prizes yet to ship makes me want to ignore the blog
  • A couple of friends from the States now live and work near me, so the need for HD as an instrument of social connectivity has abated
  • Pending certain developments, HD may have fulfilled its role as a resume item that will enable me to escape the uncertainty of life as an English teacher in Japan
  • My current lack of funds to spend on goods lowers the incentive to cover them – more of an excercise in self-inflicted torture than anything
  • The notion that people don’t care about where they get the news as long as it’s available somewhere reduces the individual incentive to provide it
  • The enormous backlog of things I want to cover (reviews, features, news, etc. etc.) is so daunting that it’s much easier to ignore it than to try to catch up

…that about covers it, I guess.

HOWEVER, should the twice aforementioned certain developments come to pass (will know this by Sunday night), several of the more oppressive conditions mentioned above will be spirited away – and replaced by a new world of glorious posting incentives that just might be enough to get me off of my bum and start typing again.

I apologize for all of the generalities here, but on the off chance that things don’t pan out I want to have my bases covered. Either way, more posting (that doesn’t involve explanations as to why I haven’t been posting recently) is on the horizon. Just putting the word out.

So, how about that Max Factory Ignis?