From the pages of November’s edition of Afternoon, released yesterday, as well as the newly-updated official site. Check for Kujian box release specifics, manga and anime artist profiles, and information on the first Ogiue mass-produced figure release known to man! The quiverings of my otaku heart…

Page by page, here’s what’s going on:

The cover: illustration by Koumei Keito, artist behind the new Kujian manga (with Genshiken author Kio Shimoku taking up writing duty). Koumei Keito is most well known as a skilled ero doujin author, but as of this week has removed all explicit material from his personal site. No doubt in anticipation of the massive exposure gained from launching a manga serial in a major magazine, but still – what a pansy. Not like Yagumo Kengou… ok, it seems that he’s removed all ero content from his site too. But here’s a bit of trivia: both Koumei Keito and Yagumo Kengou worked on eroge for Liar Soft within the past four years. Coincidence? I think not.

The purupuru: Next month’s installment of Afternoon (on sale October 25th) will come with an onsen Ohno bust included. Sculpted by Enoki Tomohide and produced by Kaiyodo, the technology used to provide the bounce depicted in the picture will no doubt be similar to that present in the Tenjou Tenge figure set released last year, also from Kaiyodo and sculptor Enoki Tomohide. Pururun~

Of much greater import for the Ogiue fans is the small silhouette pictured in the bottom left corner of the image, along with the promise that a similar onsen Ogi bust will be present as an add-on to the January issue of Afternoon (on sale November 25th). This news is bound to make some folks (*cough*SDS*cough*) very, very happy…

The Genshiken designs: the new designs for the Genshiken OVA will be provided by Yanagida Yoshiaki, who is also handling design duty for the Kujian anime. Prior to landing the Kujian job his most noteworthy production as character designer was the NieA_7 anime, working off of original designs from Yoshitoshi ABe; time will tell if he can do as much justice to Kio’s characters, but I’m optimistic at this point – it seems he’s taking posession of the designs with his personal style more agressively than the original TV series designer did, and I approve of the sharpness he’s injected into Ogiue.

The vocal cast for the OVA will remain unchanged from that of the TV series, with the addition of Mizuhashi Kaori (official homepage) in the role of Ogiue. A quick glance at her profile reveals her as quite a veteran, and more than capable in the tsundere idiom; I’ll leave it to others to analyze her suitability for the role in greater depth.

The release info: as reported yesterday, the first Kujibiki Unbalance DVD box will go on sale December 22nd at a 14,490 yen price point. Details as follows:

  • Contains four discs (3 DVDs, 1 CD), running time 150 minutes
  • Box cover art by Yagumo Kengou
  • Includes eps. 1-4 of Kujibiki Unbalance and Genshiken OVA episode 1
  • Non-credit OP and ED animations, Kujian promotional trailers and commercials included
  • Kujian seiyuu event video footage included
  • “Kujian Radio” CD included
  • “Anthology Pinups” 1, 2, and 3 included – these appear to be alternate DVD case jackets illustrated by various well-known artists not affiliated with the project, not quite sure on this so expect further clarification later
  • 3 anime release commemoration trading cards included
  • the first of three tickets necessary to purchase a new Kujian doujin game will be included – further details on this later

Kujian DVD box 2 is slated for a February 23rd (2007) release, with the third and final box retailing on April 25th. Box art will be from Koumei Keito and Kio Shimoku respectively.

Whew, that’s a good bit to chew on. I Haven’t felt this blazing passion for a release announcement (a release saturation bombing, if you will) in quite awhile. Stay tuned to HD for further coverage of all things Genshiken and a review of the first chapter of Kujibiki Unbalance, coming soon! Ah, ’tis a fine thing to be alive in the Heisei era…