HD has been getting hits from the island chain in the Pacific for awhile now (mostly in the form of Shingo constantly clicking “refresh” while his other hand is busy…), but today we see what may be the sign of siginficant First Contact between our twin blogospheres.

Checking yesterday’s stats I noticed an above average access count from Livedoor‘s RSS aggregator service, and scrolling down a bit revealed what may have been the source: a post dated September 6th from a blog entitled REVの日記 (“REV’s Diary”).

In it, the author profiles Bluemist’s Anime Blog (noting that with phrasing such as that in his “about” description, he must be an otaku) and Akiba-Bound Soul (noting that in addition to the patently self-revelatory introduction he also reviews doujin soft).

HD also gets mention in passing as “a news aggregator or something”… which is more or less correct, though a sprucing up of the old about page and an introduction on the (just installed) Japanese side blog is definitely in order.

I for one, welcome our new Japanese overlords friends, and hope they’ll stick around despite the language barrier.