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New KimiNozo Spinoff

News of a new Kimi ga Nozomu Eien spin-off has surfaced, with a particularly dodgy rumor surrunding the possible plot.

Moegaku Portable Release Announced

Studio Sagittarius teams up with Idea Factory to bring the (in)famous English lesson / dating sim hybrid to the small screen. Whether it will fare any better there than in its PC incarnation is highly doubtful…

Genshiken: The Saga Continues

Just when it seemed Kio Shimoku’s tale of otaku life and love would be content to go gently into the night with the recent release of volume 8 of the manga, news comes very much to the contrary. HD sums up what we know about the newly-announced volume 9, the additions present in volume 8, and wild speculation about how this all just might be building to the elusive second season of Genshiken anime.