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Wanfesu 2006 Summer New Release Announcements: Alter

Alter had some fine new items on display at Wonder Festival, among which were selections from Ghost in the Shell, Fate, Pani Poni Dash, School Rumble, Zero no Tsukaima, Black Lagoon, Honey and Clover, and more. HD even got some pictures this time – check it out!

Wanfesu 2006 Summer New Release Announcements: Max Factory

Max Factory represented at Wonder Festival with new announcements from the loli world of Kodomo no Jikan, confirmations of several Gun x Sword items, a well-appointed Emma (of the Victorian Romance variety), entries from the SOS-dan in the form of Haruhi and YUKI.N, and several other pending releases sure to amaze and delight.

Wanfesu 2006 Summer New Release Announcements: Goodsmile Company

HD’s parsing of Wonder Festival release announcements begins with a rundown of upcoming offerings from Goodsmile, including some fantastic new items from the Samurai Spirits franchise, Nanoha A’s, Type Moon, Mabinogi, Pangya, Muv Luv, and Boy Meets Girl.

Pure Love Renaissance : Kanon – The Diversification

Wherein Shipon continues to follow the path of Kanon from its origins as a PC eroge to the upcoming KyoAni anime incarnation, discusses deformity in animation and tells it like it is, ghetto-style.