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Event Preview: Wonder Festival Summer 2006

This post is a big Rei face. No, really. It is.

Today in H

We continue delving into the eroge backlog today with looks at several games coming just around the corner: fantasy, sci-fi, tsundere, bloomers, little sisters, big sisters, milfs, and tentacles are just a few of the genres that make an appearance. Also in today’s column: two denpariffic music scoops, and a list of up and coming titles so new that many of them don’t fall beyond “it would be a nice idea if…” status. Ero ero yo~!

Pre-Wanfesu Figure Roundup

In which we catch up on a bit of figure news from the past week leading up to tomorrow’s Wonder Festival. Several hot items are now on sale, including Kotobukiya’s new costume Saber PVC, Goodsmile’s Melissa Serafi from Waga Mama Capriccio, and a couple of [ERO] cold cast kits from Griffon’s Ikkitousen lineup; new release announcements are dominated by Atelier-Sai’s bunny girl Mikuru, but Movic represents with a decent Fate-chan as well. Further pre-Wanfesu news coming soon!