Several interesting ero items have come across the HD newsdesk over the past couple of months, and we take the time today to touch on a few of them in the endless quest to attain some sort of “timeliness” in “reporting”. Take a gander for info on the latest game in Alice Soft’s Rance series, the next up and coming Akiba-kei otaku love sim, Yakin Byoutou’s latest expansion, catgirl princesses, bloomers, and a whole section of futanari.

rance 7 logo

  • We start today’s coverage with the announcement of Sengoku Rance, aka Rance VII, due to come out from Alice Soft in “winter 2006”. The official site is currently rather sparse, but further details will be online August 21st (timed to coincide with this month’s Tech Gian release? I think so). This is good news because a) Rance VI was totally awesome and b) Sheel is finally getting a new hairdo. The pink fro can only last for so many decades before it goes out of style… expect ongoing coverage here at HD, your source for all things Rance-id.

  • A demo movie is now online for Teatime’s Poliani, the latest 3D ero offering from Illusion (yes, all polygon-based eroge are made by the same umbrella company. I exaggerate only slightly). Why you should care: cel shading techniques have come a long way toward replicating typical 2D galge designs, though I’m afraid the end effect may be rather underwhelming by comparison; the demo is worth checking out, regardless.

kazama mana demo movie

  • The latest news from Mink is that Kazama Mana is getting her own game, presumably to go along with the eroanime OVA coming out on August 25th. The game is scheduled for a Semtember release, and a demo movie for it is now available for download. Why you should care: no particular reason, unless you’re a Yakin Byoutou fan. If you are, Mink also recently opened Yakin, your one stop resource for all things pink nurse uniformey and fetishtastic. Maybe they can manage to straighten out the vast empire of games and anime the franchise has become…

atelier kaguya's amatsu

  • Development on Atelier Kaguya’s Amatsu is moving forward, and they’ve finally announced a release date: September 29th, 2006. Why you should care: it’s got ninjas, and the designs are really, really hot.

otaku masshigura!

  • Gindokei’s Otaku Masshigura is also coming out on September 29th, for those looking for an Akiba-kei SLG fix with a cast of characters suspiciously reminiscent of Comic Party. A demo movie is available as well, for the inquisitive. Why you should care: the demo has more animation than a bunch of cheesy pans and digital effects, and there are thinly veiled references to actual Akihabara locations to boot!

taiiku choukyoushi

  • For those who liked the designs of Ayatsuri Bloomer but didn’t want to fork out the cash for a big box title, up-and-coming midlevel brand Kurohina has you covered. Taiiku Choukyoushi went on sale via download on August 11th, and will be available packaged on the 25th for those who enjoy the touch of digital media in their hot, sweaty palms; both are designed by Yoshii Dan and feature bloomers – and large bosoms – prominently. [visual evidence] Speaking of large bosoms, Kurohina’s sister brand Momohina is currently working on Tappun One-cha, set for a September 15th release. Those who think they’re seeing Milk Junky all over again are probably correct.


  • Catgirl fans won’t want to miss Lilith’s Neko no Hime, available for sale via download starting tomorrow (August 18th) and in a package version on September 1st. [sample CG] [artist site] Also currently in Lilith’s dev pipe for September is Kamen no Goumonshi (“The Masked Torturer”), and while neither mask nor torture are currently in evidence on the page the designs are certainly looking promising. We’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

the masked torturer contains neither mask nor torture. discuss.

Futanari Corner

narimono cover

  • Fledgling eroge maker Skunkworks will be releasing its flagship game on August 25th, entitled Narimono. It’s the first big-box eroge with a futanari protagonist we’ve seen out in roughly a year, and it’s about damn time; the designs leave a bit to be desired but they’re certainly passable, especially considering the paucity of similar fetish material available. I’ll probably be picking this one up next week for “review purposes”… [further visual evidence]


  • Comiket 70 finally saw the release of Dopamine Software’s Acmeholic, their second doujin game and first all-futanari (plus one shota) fiesta. With designs by Kei. and at a price point of 2,100 yen this is a no brainer for fans of the genre, though one always hopes for a full-length release at a higher price point.

kairaku izonshou

  • TinkerBell (Bougumi)’s Kairaku Izonshou has been in the release pipeline since at least last January, undergoing several revisions before finally breaking onto the maker’s site last month in its current (and with a September 15th release date, presumably final) incarnation. You play a delightfully indiscriminate nymphomaniac with several partners throughout the game, one of whom is a futanari; the G-kilobyte designs would make this a kneejerk purchase regardless but the extra little futanari spice certainly doesn’t hurt.