…or has the potential to, at least. Good news (though rather late on the scoop) today for those interested in creating their own visual novels, or just seeing the process in action: CuriousFactory, in partnership with Japanese game developer Buredo, has released the first edition of their Blade Engine visual novel development tool in English. Even better, it’s free.

CuriousFactory (Akiba Angels’ parent company) has teamed up with Japanese game developer Buredo for the English release of the Blade Engine, a visual novel game engine that can be used to implement most of the features commonly found in visual novels, renai games, dating sims, and eroge.

I haven’t experimented with it myself so I can’t say how it stacks up against similar tools currently in open source development (such as Ren’Py and ONscripter, thanks to rq for the references), but having another option on the table for potential developers is always a good thing. Tutorials on the use of the engine are available here, the software itself is here, and a press release (feels like a blast from the past already) can be found here.