In today’s update: we rock in summer vacation with a whirlwind tour of random media newsbits from the past few days, and a roundup of figure news. The least moe thumbnail image ever? You decide.

Media Side

  • The OP and ED singles from Welcome to the NHK went on sale yesterday (earlier if you live in magical fairy pirate land). Sample cuts from the ED single are available here, happily replete with METAL (though the other two offerings don’t quite stack up to the goodness that has inspired yet another stunningly choreographed dancing GUNDAM sequence).
  • The Characters and Factory sections of Konami’s Strike Witches OVA project have been updated, the latter with a progress update on the associated figure production. Worth taking a look at for a glimpse of the interplay between the character designer and the sculptor.
  • Improbable gun-on-gun action ahoy! In case you’ve been living in a hole for the past week, it’s official: Black Lagoon is getting a second season. The official site says so too.
  • In other news from Sunday Gen-X, the REC manga/anime will be getting a “game”. No info yet as to platform or genre, but nine out of ten analysts say signs point to a PS2 ADV.
  • Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora is a new show coming down the pipe based on a manga serialized in Dragon Age. It has Kannazuki designs and is too cool to use the standard pronounciation for the kanji in its name. Worth further inquiry? You decide…

kuu. it's her name.

  • A second Moetan Listening CD will be released at Comiket 70, and as usual Toranoana’s got the goods. Check it out for the first mp3 “commercial” now online, with a second one to follow later today.

the sound of the moe.

  • In other Moetan news, Moetan 3: Return of the Little Witch will be on sale in “late July”. This marks the return of POP to the main line of the brand, along with his signature heroine Ink-tan; more delicious malapropisms all around.
  • TETRIS DE MOERO!! Tetris Blue Keitai Shoujo ga haishin! …you know a product is latched to a meme like a lamprey to the pallid underbelly of a hapless shark when its description stands without translation like this…
  • A 3D CG Kaleido Star OVA is coming out in September, with a prerelease at C70. Its title (Kaleido Star: Good da yo!! Goooooooood!!) provides all the endorsement it needs.

Good da yo!

how can you say no to a face like this?

  • Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo is currently playing in theaters throughout Japan. Web Anime Style has been posting selected storyboard images from the film, with a third installment now online (the first two are here and here). Some of the cuts hit right in the sweet spot…

hunting the bears. outside.

there’s bears in them there hills…

Hobby Side

  • [ERO] Daiki Kougyou has an official page up for their Sengoku Blade Koyori PVC they’ll be putting out in November based on the Cobra-Kai resin kit. The images on the page are of the resin, not the PVC, and we’re cautioned that the finished product may vary somewhat from what’s currently shown.
  • The trend in large (and expensive) PVC figures continues with these offerings from Lilics, to be available at Chara Hobby 2006 on August 19th and 20th. The lineup includes Lacus Kline, Meer Campbell, and Lunamaria Hawke (all from Gundam SEED Destiny), at heights of 43 cm, 40 cm, and 25 cm respectively; at 9,800 yen each your shelf won’t be the only thing feeling the strain.
  • Orchid Seed debuts two delicious new resin kits at WHF Kobe on July 30th and again at Wonder Festival on August 20th: this gosurori Ryomou Shimei kit from Ikkitousen, and the earlier-scooped Masane kit from Witchblade. The latter inspires the sort of brain seizure that spawned wide use of the phrase “a fool and his money are soon parted,” despite the lack of time necessary to do such a kit justice…
  • Pink Company announces its lineup of “keitai strap” figures and “display” figures for sale at Comiket 70, including three of the former from Rozen Maiden and two of the latter from Maritan. The Maritans look nice, but at 2,500 yen for the set they’d better be taller than 6 cm.

Navy-san will harm you, or your wallet

  • Speaking of harm to the wallet, Kotobukiya has an official page up for their Ohno (beach volleyball ver.) PVC from Genshiken, due out in August. She’s a bit thick in places, but no true Ohno fan could turn this down:


never was there an image more worthy of display at full resolution.

Now On Sale

Coming Attractions

July 2006


Yes, summer vacation is finally upon those of us mired in the human tape recorder industry. This means lots of rain, unpaid unemployment until September, and lack of school lunch for the same period (the only decent meal of the day, with my cooking skills as they are – or aren’t). It also means a huge expanse of time in which to work on this once and future site, which I’m quite happy to make priority number one from today forward. Expect regular updates from now on, as well as further site news as HD’s new iteration nears launch; if this rain ever stops I’ll be heading out on a figure hunting expedition today, and there may even be a new review up should the prey be available. Otanoshimi ni~