In today’s update: The latest from Yujin (an original “Natsuki” figure that looks a bit like My HiME’s Natsuki, only all growed up), Kaiyodo (Bome does DOA’s Kasumi, twice), Gigapulse (more crappy ero Nagisa figures, yay), and the not-so-latest from Goodsmile and Max Factory (Hetare Saber, Fate Testarossa, Ryougi Shiki, Kotona Elegance, Elwin). This post brought to you by the society for the promotion of the word “puchi” in post titles!

Now on Sale

  • B-Club’s Suzuka PVC from Suzuka
  • Dengeki Daioh August 2006 edition (with Shana figure from Shakugan no Shana)
  • Megahouse’s Reina Stooru PVC from Machine Robochronos no Daigyakushuu

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Taking a weekend off in this blogging business is like buying a fresh head of lettuce and putting it outside your house to be battered by the elements and then bringing it in after said weekend and making a salad out of it and eating it for breakfast.


like this, only browner. and more limp.

… managed to make up some of the sleep deficit last night, so I should be able to churn out some sort of additional make-up post this evening. So much stuff going on it’s hard to keep it all straight: there’s an enormous backlog of figure reviews, eroge reviews, and other misc. products (especially wacky otaku English-learning tools) I want to get through, and having foolishly signed up for this doujin con in October I’m going to actually have to learn to draw at some point. On top of that there’s a HD site redesign lurking in the wings somewhere, the possibility of a couple of side projects for other sites, and the whole of Japan that I somehow have to keep communicating with. In Japanese! And a day job to boot. And a bunch of other basic life maintenance stuff, come to think of it, that gets put off all too often (if the debit card HD’s Dreamhost account is running on expires in July as it’s currently set to do, it’s poof! all over). Maybe I should set up one of those handy donation-just-to-cover-bandwidth-expenses systems they have available, as a last resort…