In which HD attends his first doujin event in several months, gets very wet, meets some people, applies to participate as a circle himself, picks up the second volume of Maritan’s drills (at a very girlish Toranoana), eats a Cinnabon, and gets home late. Why sleep when there is caffeine? *twitch* EDIT THIS POST HAS BEEN HIJACKED BY THE SOS-DAN. LAY DOWN YOUR WEAPONS AND NO ONE WILL GET HURT.

I got up early yesterday morning to double-check and add ink to the circle application I’d drafted earlier in the week to participate in Sunshine Creation 34, to be held this October. I didn’t mention it here earlier as each time I’ve let out that I’d be applying as a circle to an event (several past Comikets, with an application process that would make America’s Internal Revenue Service proud) I’ve ultimately failed to do so and been left feeling slightly foolish with a 1,000-yen blank and useless application packet the only fruit of my doujin-inspired efforts.

This time, though, I managed to succeed – in applying, at least. No idea whether I’ll get in or not… but that’s putting the cart before the horse. Chronology, Chronology.

Schroedinger’s cat was in charge of Tokyo weather yesterday

When I left my house at ten in the morning it wasn’t raining. When I got to Ikebukuro two and a half hours later, it was. Very much so.

here comes sunshine

cunning Grateful Dead reference?



Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuu-Utsu episode 12: Live Alive

featuring Hard Gay


Enjoy the school festival … NORMALLY, ok?


What’s this? Haruhi on stage? With a guitar?

And fortune-teller Yuki to boot?!

we want a rock

Kyon gets into the spirit

as does Haruhi

the first time she’s ever really felt special.

don’t forget the obligatory cute bass player!

Kyon actually does get into it. Really

the aftereffect of throwing a fistful of grass into the wind

This was, in my book, the best episode of the series. The animation quality was top-notch, we get character development, crazy cameos, riffs on Fumoffu, Yuki and Haruhi as replacements in a hard-rocking girl band, Mikuru’s class does a yakisoba maid cafe… this is basically the last episode of the series, (though there’s one left), and it was a fitting way to bring it all to a conclusion (that isn’t really a conclusion at all, of course). Haruhi banzai!


…Oops, didn’t mean for the post to end up quite this way. Guess I’ll write a bit more about yesterday’s outing in the next Mainichi update…