In today’s update: get your hikky on with the official site launch of the NHK ni Youkoso anime, watch a Binbou Shimai Monogatari trailer, take a gander at some Tsuyokisu anime screenshots, preview the latest from Makoto Shinkai’s Comix Wave, ogle a bevy of new Taraku Uon character designs, discreetly peruse a week’s-worth of ero scoops, marvel at Wild West mizugi Navy-san, lose your wallet to Natsumi’s swimsuit cold-cast, and check out them band-aids!

Media Side


  • Everyone can now get their “hikky” on with the official site launch of the NHK ni Youkoso! anime. We’ve been covering the manga here for some time now, though lagging in recent chapter reviews (ever since Misaki fell out of Satou’s fridge it just hasn’t been the same). Regardless, I can’t wait to see where they’re going with this anime incarnation; Round Table feat. Nino on the OP?!

kawaii jan

  • Animate is now streaming a 40-second promotional video for Binbou Shimai Monogatari, and though ten frames of animation is hardly enough to judge a show by I didn’t find the viewing experience to be particularly uplifting. If comparisons to Kamichu are to be made, I’m guessing they’ll be phrased in terms of what Binbou Shimai lacks.


  • The Tsuyokisu anime site has been updated with screenshots from the first episode along with additional character information for several memebers of the supporting cast. Tsundere fans ONLY need apply.

starry sky miracle

  • Hoshizora Kiseki is a title that deserves far more research than I have the time to give it this morning, but here are the few easily acquirable details: it’s a short film being released under the Comix Wave imprint (of Shinkai Makoto fame), on DVD August 3rd. A trailer for the DVD is available here; fans of sentimental light science fiction stories would do well to take a look.


  • Kogado has a site up for Blue Blaster, a “real-time scenario simulation game” out for the PC on June 30th. I mention it here exclusively for it’s hot hot Uon Taraku (Onegai Teacher/Twins, R.O.D OAV/TV, Kamichu TV, etc.) designs; there’s no information available yet on how the game is actually played.
  • What started out as a relatively innocent show about unused brain capacity takes on a new and rich subtext as screenshots are unveiled for NIGHT HEAD GENISIS.

Ero Side

  • Coming from Soft Circle Parthenon on June 24th is Satisfaction, a Linda-designed yaruge. As usual, Toranoana is there with a special promotion.
  • Lilith announces a new subdivision of the brand dubbed Lilith Mist, mixing elements of their ecchi Lilith label and hentai Black Lilith label to produce AYAME, a flagship title that’s looking more occult mystery/horror than anything (if the game’s content can be judged from a single promo image). More details on this as they emerge.


Hobby Side

navy-san banzai~

  • Maritan‘s second volume of training drills is on sale tomorrow, complete with “hearing CD“! There is a diary update to that effect today (horribly broken in Firefox). I’ll certainly be reviewing the “full voice FUCK and SHIT” out of this, hopefully within the next week.

was she ever that demure in the show?

  • Late August will see the release of this Natsuki (swimsuit ver.) cold cast preassembled kit from My HiME, courtesy of maker Newline. I pity the wallets of Natsuki fans everywhere…

Now On Sale

Coming Attractions

July 2006

  • Kurushima’s Izumi resin kit from He is My Master
  • Organic’s Akuma no Onpu-chan PVC from Oja-Majo Doremi Dokkan!

August 2006

band-aids uber alles

September 2006

October 2006

Date Unknown

  • A-label’s Iroha PVC from Samurai Spirits
  • Alcot’s Triptych trading figures