A few quick notes from the trenches.

Just back from a post-work Akiba binge, a couple of notes before I hit the sack:

Thanks to everyone who commented on the ero-scheme post. I’ll post a reply to the thread (probably tomorrow morning) but I’m thinking I’ll stick with what I did for the previous post for now, as seems to be the consensus recommendation.

The word from Akihabara:

  • Toranoana is expanding its main Akiba store to nearly twice its current size. Apparently they’re doing a bit of capital reinvestment with the stinking wads of cash they’ve been pulling in for the past several years… pictures taken, will post tomorrow. The addition opens on August 5th.
  • I found a copy of the limited edition of Moegaku, the English-learning renai game, in the bargain bin at Gamers for 1050 yen. That’s 90% off the cover price. Dating sims never get that cheap unless they are a) printed in quantities way over reasonable expectations of demand (as happened with Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito, a popular game but one that dropped to ~1,000 yen due to mass production), or b) they are crap. From the demo material available on its official site I’d say Moegaku is the latter. It should make for an amusing review, however.
  • The phantom G.J? artbook is FINALLY OUT!!!! I don’t know when this happened or why I was not informed but it is now in my possession and can be in yours as well, presumably. Pictures tomorrow… Also pictures of the two most recent Queen’s Blade volume releases, which are looking as delicious as the previews.
  • Sunshine Creation 32 is an “all-genre” doujin convention that will be held on June 18th in Tokyo (Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City, as usual). I picked up the con catalogue, which is notable for the insane quantity of Haruhi material already present: we’re talking dozens of circle cuts featuring her, Mikuru and Nagato, along with advertisements for THREE (count them) HARUHI ONLY doujin events happening this fall. Absolutely insane.
  • My initial pretext for heading into Akiba tonight was to meet up with VanRaily (no quick link to his album reviews, but he’s posted some quite insightful stuff to comments here over the past several months) and his brother who were in town on vacation. It was great to meet you guys! Have a safe trip home.

It’s way past my bedtime right now and I’m not sure I’ll be able to drag myself from sleep mode in the morning with enough time to complete the kind of update I’d like, but caffeine can work wonders…

Oh, and a final note: maid cosplay is officially dead to me. There’s a rant brewing on the topic, but it may take some time to muster enough vulgar invective to pull it off.