In today’s update: the SOS-dan represents, crossdressing anime gets a new name (and it’s not Princess Princess), Red Garden gets a teaser trailer, Binbou Shimai Monogatari gets a flash slideshow, Top / Top2 get movies (of a sort), the Chocotto Sister anime site gets (slightly) less pedo, hype ramps up for Fate on the PS2, SOD’s Kazama Mana eroanime gets a trailer, we experiment with eroge tags (further post on this forthcoming), Queen’s Blade 5 and 6 verily THRUST themselves onto a hapless otaku market, Organic’s Witchblade PVC is unveiled in all its colorful (bootyful) glory, and there are more moustaches than every prior HD post COMBINED – truly a landmark occasion.


best episode since #2.

Irresponsible Captain Kyon from Haruhi 11

  • A new episode of Haruhi web radio (#18) is now online! If you don’t listen, Mikuru will cry…
  • The official site is now listing CD offerings complete with cover art for an original CD-only radio show, along with “character song” albums from all three of our heroines (all on sale July 5th).
  • Never far from the front lines of the Otaku Wave, Toranoana represents with a special Haruhi release promotional section featuring post cards and other goodies to be available with the various upcoming DVD and OST releases.
  • Kyoani updates with the staff best cuts from episode 9. I must say that I am in full agreement with their choices.

Media Side

I'd hit it.

she’s a man, baby!

  • Fans of gender-bending romantic comedy take note: Caramel Box’s [ERO] Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru (henceforth referred to as Otoboku) is being made into a (non-ero) anime courtesy of StarChild. No word on when it will air, but presumably this fall?
  • MediaWorks has an official site open for the upcoming Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo anime (scooped earlier here). I have no idea how this one will be officially abbreviated… “Mamomega”? “Megashuku”? Regardless, the site’s splash image does not inspire confidence.
  • Red Garden, the new show from Gonzo we scooped here the other day, now has a barebones trailer available for viewing. It’s just speech and text over sliding silhouettes of the characters, but better than nothing. It delivers a feel for the vibe they’re going for with the production, I’m guessing something more along the lines of Gankutsuoh than say, Garasu no Kantai.
  • Avex Mode has an official page up for Binbou Shimai Monogatari, not an encouraging development given the precident of shows they’ve had production credits on, but we can’t hold that against them. Yet. Of particular interest here is the flash slideshow on the story page, which is about as slice-of-life moe as it gets; here’s hoping the show itself is as pleasant as the hints we’ve gotten thus far.

Top 1 & 2 theatrical announcement

  • According to Top2’s official site (and Gainax), if you’re in Japan this fall you will be able to see back-to-back 90-minute cuts of Top wo Nerae! and Top wo Nerae! 2 in theatrical form. The spliced version of Top2 will contain original footage not seen in the six-part OVA, and Gunbuster will feature a redubbed audio track with voices provided by the original 1988 cast. I tend not to be a fan of re-cut series animation being passed off as film, but this might be a worth giving a chance.
  • The Chokotto Sister anime site has been updated to something slightly less pedo than its former iteration, with character descriptions now online.
  • A DVD box set of the entire Rurouni Kenshin TV series + OVA will go on sale December 20th in Japan for 84,000 yen (~$720 USD). Let us pause for a moment of silent reflection on the wonders of the Japanese media economy, and move on…

This man is my idol.

  • Release information for a Log Book + Making Of DVD (out on August 25th) and the final two OVA episodes of Stratos 4 Advance (September 22nd and October 27th respectively) is now online at the show’s official site. Of far greater interest to me, however, is the STACHE. A show produced by a man with a moustache of that caliber is certainly worth your hard-earned coin!
  • Need something to fill that Ayanami pillowcase you’ve had sitting around for the past year? Cospa has the answer, but it won’t come cheap. Not that I’d imagine anyone would want to ship a 150 cm pillow across the Pacific.
  • A demo movie is now available for Kogado’s take on the mechamusume genre, Gadget Trial. Still too pastel and cartoony for me; luckily Strike Witches is here to save the day.

original Fate package art

  • The hype is increasing for the (non-ero) PS2 release of Fate / Stay Night [Realta Nua] and Toranoana is now taking preorders. Still no release date on it though, aside from the amorphous “2006”.
  • Momoi Haruko is back! She’ll be doing a mini-live concert on the top floor of Akihabara’s Toranoana #1 on October 1st to commemorate August 9th release of her album “momo-i quality: The Best of Momoi”.

Ero Side

A rather unfortunate name for an eroge brand.

does this look Hanaharu to you?

Hobby Side

queen's blade new releases (ero ero yo!)

  • Ero-ero yo! The big scoop from last Friday was the release of Queen’s Blade volumes 5 (Tomoe) and 6 (Ekidona), which has had my group of Japanese e-friends abuzz for several days now. I don’t imagine they’re available anywhere in this podunk village any more, must make a beeline to Akiba…

pardon while I mop up this drool.

further incentive to visit the Queen’s Blade website

  • Just when you think T’s system might take a break to rest on his laurels and spend some of the heaping mounds of cash he’s been accumulating hand over fist from his killer never-ending combo of successful figure releases, he says thee NAY with the release announcement of a pair of Fate PVCs: a bikini Sakura and a bikini Rin, both due out in August from Clayz.

Booty call!

Organic, more like orgasmic

  • We’ve got positive ID on Organic/Gonzo’s forthcoming Masane PVC from Witchblade (scooped earlier here), tentatively set for a late July release. With this and Kotobukiya’s offering coming down the pipes in the near future us Uno Makoto fans can now be found dancing in streets everywhere.

And finally, to round out the day’s ‘stache quota:

Haruhi could take him in a fight.

the original SOS-dan