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The Eroero Code

In which HD proposes a rudimentary system for tagging eroge content, and requests input on same.

Mainichi Junk: Flight of the Navigator

In today’s update: the SOS-dan represents, crossdressing anime gets a new name (and it’s not Princess Princess), Red Garden gets a teaser trailer, Binbou Shimai Monogatari gets a flash slideshow, Top / Top2 get movies (of a sort), the Chocotto Sister anime site gets (slightly) less pedo, hype ramps up for Fate on the PS2, SOD’s Kazama Mana eroanime gets a trailer, we experiment with eroge tags (further post on this forthcoming), Queen’s Blade 5 and 6 verily THRUST themselves onto a hapless otaku market, Organic’s Witchblade PVC is unveiled in all its colorful (bootyful) glory, and there are more moustaches than every prior HD post COMBINED – truly a landmark occasion.