A must-browse for mechamusume fans everywhere, Shimada Fumikane’s military vehicle x moe girl designs finally get the full-length TV anime another OVA treatment they deserve (albeit from Gonzo). Gundam enthusiasts will want to check out the Stargazer trailer now streaming at Bandai Channel, and those interested in all things new and anime should check in as well for new offerings from Clamp, Bandai Visual, etc. It’s an anime news explosion!!1

Strike Witches


Story description taken verbatim from the official site:

    The world had recieved the attack from the existence of the mystery that appeared suddenly. Only girls who have magic can fight against them. They install arms in an own body, and fight in the sky, the land, and the sea. Fights of girls who defend the world start now.

Featuring an international cast of characters which suspiciously resembles the Konami Mechamusume lineup, this is looking to be a sure-fire winner (provided Gonzo doesn’t put their C team on duty for the animation).

Gundam SEED Stargazer


Despite featuring the same overused designs as its SEEDy predecessors, Stargazer has a hot green-haired chick in a lab coat going for it (who looks surprisingly sane!). You can see her in action on Bandai Channel’s front page, or click here for a direct link to the video (a 500k version is available as well). Stargazer is apparently a web-only release, with the first episode streaming on July 14th and subsequent ones monthly thereafter; the first DVD will be out in November.

Zero no Tsukaima


The official site for Zero no Tsukaima is now fully open, and it’s got an episode of web radio available to boot [direct link]. The show’s tagline is “a [0%] love comedy that begins with a kiss”, and looks pretty generically haremesque (though in a fantasy setting)… the Inukami of the summer ’06 season, perhaps?

Innocent Venus


Bandai Visual presents Innocent Venus, a postapocalyptic giant robot anime. It has a back story here, something about the half the world being flooded in 2010, the ruin of the economy and the balance of military power collapsing… but these are things we know without the need to read Japanese, right? Anime has a non-Euclidean geometry of its own, such that [if apocalypse then hyper-advanced military technology] is a fundamental axiom.

Code Geass


Clamp and Sunrise bring us Code Geass, a show which a cursory Google search indicates is not predicated by any sort of manga, novel, or game. It’s subtitled “the treachery of Lellouche”, which tells us approximately nothing; further details are present in the current edition of Newtype, on sale yesterday.



Rounding out today’s list of news-flash-worthy anime scoops (items of slightly lesser import to come later in the regular Mainichi update) is the official site launch of Sumomomomomomo (that’s six “mo”‘s, for the record). Based on the manga serialized in Young Gangan, it’s looking to be a high-tension high school romantic comedy. Not sure we need another one of those, but there you go.

Further anime news coming later today, as fast as I can type it…