In today’s update: new anime are announced from Gonzo and the Dengeki Bunko serial novel line, Joshikousei and Strawberry Panic get PS2 games, Top wo Nerae! 2 and Witchblade get DVD street dates, Hachukano gets an OP movie (with delicious MOSAIC.WAV accompaniment), the Kazama Mana eroanime OAV gets a JAV spinoff, a new yaruge brand is launched, the week’s eroge releases are scooped, and the usual assortment of odds and ends.

Media Side

  • Red Garden is a new show coming from Gonzo at some undefined point in the future. It appears to be a mystery and/or occult drama about a group of New York schoolgirls who are “already dead”… not much to go on at this point.

  • Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo! is a serial novel published by Media Works under their Degeki Bunko imprint, and according to the flyleaf here on its 8th volume it is slated to become an anime. A glance at the first volume reviews on Amazon reveals a middle-of-the-road “dotabata love comedy” series whose chief attraction is the heroine; the author is 22 years old (which means nothing in itself, but I don’t think we’re dealing with the next Shakespeare here).
  • The final episode of the Top wo Nerae! 2 OVA will be out on August 25th, and both the official official site and the Gainax official site have been updated to reflect this. Who will be toplessest of all?!
  • You too can complain about stray pubic hair and cut your skirt to shreds in the privacy of your own home with Idea Factory’s release of Joshikousei GAME’S-HIGH!!. You have until September to prepare for the onslaught; bunker walls are advised at 30 cm (concrete) or 10 cm (steel) with no less than three meters of hard-packed earth above the compound.
  • Strawberry Panic undergoes yet another fundamental design revision for its PS2 incarnation, due out on August 24th. Am I the only one who sees this as a step backwards (perhaps off a cliff, at that)?
  • Enough bashing of PS2 ADVs, here’s a PSP title that is making me happy I didn’t sell my unit earlier this month: Valhalla Knights is looking to be the visually sexiest thing on the handheld yet, as designers begin figuring out just what its hardware can do. And in a genre (“fantasy action RPG”) I can fully support! It streets on August 10th, dangerously close to Comiket…

  • The first DVD of the Witchblade anime will be out on July 26th. This is significant because it will contain the depantsed version of Masane, who was betighted as a last minute design decision before the series aired (in a blatant move to push DVD sales, of course). Is a pound of flesh worth the usury required to pick up the series on disc? Merchants of Venice everywhere say yes!
  • As with previous releases in the series, the 9th Shuffle DVD will come with a special CD featuring “Kaede’s winter vacation” in 3D SLG format.
  • Studio ufotable’s Coyote Ragtime Show is now on its 6th episode of web radio. Pretty much dropped the ball on that one…
  • A Marimite Talk Show featuring all ten of the main cast voice actresses will be held on August 6th. Posting here in the hope that it will make its way to an online broadcast in some form.
  • The official site for the Madhouse / Sony Pictures film Paprika is now online. There’s no information on the title yet, but it’s possibly based on this (thanks Google!).

Ero Side

  • The opening movie for Meromero Cute’s Hachukano is now available for download. Why should you care? First, this is the deliciously meta (otaku love) title of the season, voted most likely eroge to be spun off into non-ero iterations so far this year (after Iinchou wa Shounin Sezu!), and second (and far more importantly) the music is provided by denpa superstars MOSAIC.WAV, and will send your teeth chattering for more. Oh, and it has green flowing letters a la Matrix. A sure-fire win!
  • Hina Soft is the latest brand to step into the Simple 2000 (or 3000, in this case) eroge ring, mimicking the now well-established Lilith by breaking itself into “light” and “dark” subdivisions. Their flagship title is from the Kurohina side, dubbed Choumanin and featuring designs from Suzuki Mei, the same fellow behind the recently released TACTICSBRID designs which I’ve had my eye on for awhile. Choumanin seems to be your basic train groping ADV, a genre of which I’m not terribly fond, but here’s hoping they keep Suzuki on to design further titles in the series.
  • Unisonshift presents the results of their Nanatsuiro Drops character popularity poll (won by the main heroine… yawn), along with a very nice Itou Noizi wallpaper (scroll down) commemorating the event.
  • Continuing in the wallpaper theme, Flyingshine’s Kaiware! will be updating with daily wallpapers from now until the game’s release on July 28th. I find the designs rather homely, but there sure will be a lot of them to choose from.
  • Further news on Soft On Demand’s Yakin Byoutou spinoff Kazama Mana (not Ai, as previously listed) eroanime OAV today from as with the earlier Nanase Ren installment a companion JAV will be produced by Ifrit, this one starring Wakaba Kaori (in her final JAV appearance, no less) as Mana.
  • scoops the three eroge on sale Friday, June 9th. Fans of mature and/or well-endowed women will be pleased with the latest downloadable installment of Poashara’s Mamotte Agechau! series and U・me Soft’s Shimai Souzoku, and Underlip’s Okusama x Okusama 2 may not disappoint either.
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