In today’s update: Catching up on figure news from Hobbynet today, leading the pile of scoops with a Rozen Maiden manga special edition figure and a new Gundam bishoujo offering from Yoshizaki Mine. Other items of note include a release date for Solid Theater’s Nukenin collection, the third set of Tetsudou Musume figures from Tomy, a Hazuki doll from Megahouse, and June restocks of Kaiyodo’s Himekuri Image Girl.

  • Big news for Rozen Maiden fans: the first, limited-edition printing of volume 7 of the manga will come with a Shinku figure included, and is set for release on September 26th. [source]
  • Gundam 0079 meets Yoshizaki Mine in this set of “Card Builder Girls Figures” from Banpresto due out in August. I don’t recall Renpou Queen Reiko and Zeon Queen Cathy from the original series, but that may just be moe-induced memory loss setting in…

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June 2006

July 2006

  • Toys Planning’s Nekomiko-tama PVC (original design)
  • Max Factory’s Carmen 99 PVC from Gun x Sword
  • Max Factory’s Wendy PVC from Gun x Sword
  • Goodsmile’s Eri PVC from School Rumble

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  • Wafuudou Ganguten’s Rio PVC from Super Black Jack
  • Yamato’s Yupiteru Rasa PVC from Birth