In today’s update: an encyclopedic digest of coming PVC figure offerings, including all sorts of Fate, Genshiken’s Ohno (beach volleyball ver.), some hot Gun x Sword designs from Max Factory, a new swimsuit Mizuho from Goodsmile, various Irohas, new trading figure sets from Super Black Jack’s Rio and Akane Maniax, Queen’s Blade’s Reina, REC’s Aka, a brace of Witchblades, etc. etc., along with a few new resin kits and an event report from World Hobby Festival Ariake 14. Scans included!

  • Genshiken’s Ohno Kanako (beach volleyball ver.) PVC, coming in August from Kotobukiya

  • FA4 Type Moon Collection, coming “this summer” from Alter
  • Hollow Ataraxia’s Karen Hortensia PVC, coming in September from Alter
  • Fate’s Saber (dark swimsuit ver.) PVC, coming in July from Clayz
  • Fate’s Iriya and Hollow Ataraxia’s Karen PVCs, coming from Kotobukiya in August and September respectively
  • Fate’s Saber on a design from Cerberus Project, coming in PVC from ebCraft in July

  • Bandai’s HGIF Gainax Heroines 3 trading figures, coming in June

  • Max Factory’s designs for Wendy and Fasarina PVCs from Gun x Sword, due out later in the year

  • Kurushima’s Hakufu (bikini ver.) resin kit from Ikkitousen, coming in June

  • Goodsmile’s Mizuho PVC from Onegai Teacher, coming in August
  • Max Factory’s Nanbu Chitose PVC from Amaenaideyo!!, coming in August
  • AT-G (Goodsmile)’s Lucy Maria Misora PVC from To Heart 2, coming in August





  • [ERO] Volks’s X-Brand presents Shiiko from Ikinari Happy Bell and Hanawa Kouyou from Jingai Makyou, both in resin, and both on sale now (theoretically… curse you Volks and your shitty availability)

  • Queen’s Blade’s Reina as PVCified by Megahouse’s Excellent Model CORE division, due out in August (sure to be a hit along the lines of their Sengoku Cannon Koyori)

  • June Planning’s Aka PVC from REC, as sculpted by T’s System, coming in August

  • Hobby Japan’s Ruri PVC from Nadesico, available only via mail order (alas)

  • Max Factory’s Elwin PVC from the Tony-designed PS2 game Shining Tears, due out in September

  • Kotobukiya’s Kusugawa Sasara PVC from To Heart 2 xrated, coming “this fall”

  • May 5th’s World Hobby Festival Ariake 14 event report

  • Witchblade PVC offerings from Organic and Kotobukiya, due out in the summer and fall respectively

I ended up without the time to list everything in the “various” pages, so if something catches your eye that you’d like more info on feel free to post a comment. From tomorrow I’ll be hopping back on the Hobbynet train, hopefully too many things haven’t fallen through the cracks in the interim…