In today’s update: the Kujibiki Unbalance anime site updated to reflect the new fall series (chance of Genshiken rapidly dwindling), the month’s eroanime releases from Milky and a preview of the first Pixy title (now with more elementary economic theory!), advice on what to do when your boyfriend falls asleep in the movie theater, Kimikiss trading figures, and a couple of post teasers.

Media Side

  • The official Kujibiki Unbalance anime site has been updated to reflect the content of the upcoming fall series. I think this safely puts to rest the earlier announcement of a second season of Genshiken, alas; more information on the project will be coming soon along with the review of chapter 50.
  • Circus has posted a collaborative wallpaper featuring Natsuki as they begin to ramp up the hype for the PC version release of their My HiME ADV.
  • The REC anime DVD box will go on sale June 30th, and now has a (very small) thumbnail image of the box cover available. The special contents remain unchanged from their earlier scoopage last month.

Ero Side

  • In eroanime news, Milky Anime’s monthly offerings are now on sale (Gibo no Toiki 1 and Cambrian 2, as scooped by here). As of posting time they have yet to update this month’s Milky Press, so no news on that front as of yet.
  • Also in eroanime, Lilith-affiliated newcomer brand Pixy presents a promo video for their first title, Kikishi Lilia. If they maintain the quality level shown in the few seconds of animated footage in the trailer I’m guessing they’ll have a slam dunk on their hands, as they’re continuing the Lilith tradition of offering quality material for half the price of the competition (or a third, for the download version). If only mainstream anime would take this lesson to heart… I guess what passes for “executives” in the anime industry never had a chance to play Lemonade Stand on their Apple IIgs’s when growing up.
  • Speaking of Lilith, turn away for a moment and they launch a new title on you. Saimin Kanojo will be out tomorrow (via download) and Friday June 2nd (package version).
  • Anim-e’s Please, Maid Me! now has a demo movie available. Say hello to cheap Aftereffects animation!
  • Game Style continues its Heroine to Talk interview series with a spotlight on the characters of Hachukano, Mero-Mero Cute’s flagship foray into the Ota-love genre. In this most recent HtT installment we see Ainame Marina recieve a phone call from her younger sister (the main heroine), at a movie with the protagonist who has apparently fallen asleep. Her sisterly advice: “in that situation, you need to suck it until he wakes up.”

Hobby Side

  • Continuing in yesterday’s Kimikiss theme, Wafuudou Ganguten presents this set of trading figures, due out in late July.
  • I picked up the current issue of Hobby Japan yesterday, and as usual it has a whole bunch of new stuff that needs to be processed and cut together into a coherent post. It’ll take a bit, but hopefully be worth it once the threads dropped over the past month are all pulled together again. Lots of good stuff on the horizon (beach volleyball Ohno, gosurori Kanu Unchou), so watch this space.

A little preview of the final chapter of Genshiken: