… and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. I mean hangover. I mean galactic empire. This post is (not) a free-associating rant, and only marginally animatic; you have been warned.

Dateline: May 8th. Monday morning after Golden Week. Previous post: more than a week ago. Reconstructing the period of time between these two posts will be an exercise in mental acrobatics, and by acrobatics I mean urban spelunking… Let’s see where things go.

entering the wayback machine…

Friday, April 28th: various eroge hit the market. I go to Akihabara after work in pursuit. Megami is on sale as well, and is purchased, resulting in the subsequent day’s post.

Saturday, April 29th: Haruhi pinup posted. I crack open Tsuma to Mama to Boin. Critical analysis of gameplay ensues.

Sunday, April 30th: went on a “date” with a “girl” in “Ueno”. Took up most of the day. Mixed results.

Monday, May 1st: Haruhi ep. 5. Work. Picked up Atelier-Sai’s Chidori on the way home. More Tsuma to Mama to Boin. Meant to post something here; didn’t.

Tuesday, May 2nd: Work. Took pictures of Chidori for review. Meant to post; didn’t. I see a theme emerging here…

May 3rd – 7th: Golden Week. Did a thorough room cleaning, washed a bunch of clothes, played a bunch of games (both ero and not). Especially the not… there’s nothing more addictive than a good 4X game, with the possible exception of a good free-form RPG.

With that thought in mind a good chunk of last week was also spent perusing the storied halls of Kakaku.com in pursuit of parts to constitute a new PC, one capable of taking advantage of Oblivion’s formidable graphic potential. As a result of this it seems I will be eating cold gravel, or perhaps sulfuric acid, three meals (one meal) a day (a week) for the next month (year). Such sacrifices are necessary at times, alas.

On a related note, if anyone reading this wants a mostly-unused Japanese PSP and a couple of games for cheap, let me know. I’ll ship anywhere that can send paypal. Hoping I can upgrade to hot gravel meals this month, or at least avoid the acid…

If you’ve tried to correspond with me over the past week to no avail, or left a comment here somewhere, I’ll be getting back to you soon. Time to get this show on the road again. Up next: a discussion of the earth-shattering impact of Haruhiist philosophy. Coming soon: a review of the aformentioned Chidori, and some words on the various games played over the past week. Coming later: saa… I hear Neko Arc is on sale, I’ll probably be picking her up on Thursday if there are still a few yen left in my wallet.