How does the recently-released second volume of Konami’s astoundingly popular Mechamusume trading figure franchise stack up to the first? Very well, but don’t take my word for it. Read on for pictures and analysis of the moe-est World War II vehicles ever.

Original Design: Shimada Fumikane (島田フミカネ)
Sculptor: Vice (バイス)
Source: Original
Scale: Non (10-14 cm tall)
Material: PVC, etc.
Release Date: April 20th, 2006
Production: Konami
Price: 6,300 JPY (box of 10, tax included)
Current Availability: Backordered

MiG-60 Fighter
(Soviet Air Force, possibly based on the MiG-1)

Fujihana Interceptor
(Japanese Imperial Navy, based on the Shusui)

Re-2200 Friatta
(Italian Air Force, possibly based on the Freccia)

Re-2200 Friatta
(alternate version)

Third Assault Armored Infantry Support Tank, A-type
(German Army, possibly based on the Panzer III)

Third Assault Armored Infantry Support Tank, A-type
(bonus assembly version)

M4A3 Sherman Tank
(American Army, based on the M4 Sherman line)

M4A3 Sherman Tank
(Rocket Launcher Version)

Final Verdict: 9/10

Konami scores a direct hit with their second batch of girls fused with World War II fighting vehicles, crafting a worthy successor to the original 2005 figure series. Bringing it down from a perfect 10 are a couple of dodgy assembly issues (the double sets of propellers on the Friatta are quite delicate, and the bonus version Panzer parts came out of the box somewhat warped and ill-fitting). Otherwise the quality here is what we’ve come to expect from other top of the line trading figure kits, and I’m left entirely satisfied – and longing for a third series to come next year. With the upcoming release of the Sky Girls OVA, who knows? Oh, and we can’t forget the July release of Toranoana’s take on the MiG-60.

Again, I’d like to send out a plea to the more mech-minded among us for information regarding which vehicles have been used as inspiration for these models. My cursory raiding of Wikipedia was hardly satisfactory…