In today’s update: Kami-sama Kazoku trailer, Maritan Drills vol. 2 (FUCK mo SHIT mo FULL VOICE), Kimi Kiss mooks, Alter’s Last Exile trading figures – Mechamusume – gargantuan Mina resin, Iinchou Does Not Approve, an artbook from Fragments Blue designer Horibe Hideo, and some general tinkering with the column design.


  • Take a little Kamichu!, stir in some Ah! My Goddess, let simmer for about a year and you get Kami-sama Kazoku, now with 50-second traileriffic action. If there is anything new under the sun, the formula backing this show’s plot isn’t it.
  • FUCK mo SHIT mo FULL VOICE! Maritan ups the ante with its second volume of Concentration Drills, slated for a June 17th release complete with “hearing CD”. Seems that they’ve opted for a seiyuu-studded cast instead of actresses who can actually speak English, so I’d treat this more as an Engrish-laden drama CD than anything else – should be hilarious. For a sneak preview of just what English is being inflicted on the moe otaku mind, click here.
  • May 12th and June 9th will see the respective releases of a pair of Kimi Kiss mooks containing art from the popular Enterbrain PS2 renai game title (never mind that it hasn’t come out yet – it’s been set up to be a smash hit since last summer). Extras to be included with the mooks include a pair of pillowcases (Nana and Mizusawa Mao), character “strap heads” (what), and a Nana PVC figure.

Hobby Side (disjointed notes edition)

Ero Side

  • The intro movie for Chien’s flagship title Iinchou wa Shounin Sezu is now online. Why you should care: I’m pretty sure one of the scenario writers was involved with Futakoi Alternative, but I can’t verify; pursue this bevy of tsundere class presidents and club captains at your own risk.
  • FlyingShine’s upcoming Inaho no Mirai has its OP movie available for download as well, for those seeking something a tad darker.
  • In a similar vein, Strikes’ Injoku Hitozuma Onna Kyoushi is now sporting its OP movie for download as well. The sample CG are worth checking for those who haven’t been to the site in awhile…
  • Chikoubo is the irresponsibly-kanjified title of Black Package Try’s upcoming June release, with sample CG here. Recommended for fans of large bosoms and a fixation on the posterior; all others advised to stay away.
  • Terios’s Lycoris Radiata came out a couple of weeks ago, but they have sneakily continued updating the special section with fan art from various high profile character designers including Horibe Hideo (the designer for Fragments Blue among others – hitting up his site reveals an artbook to be released on April 26th, now a priority acquisition), Riki, and Kino Hitoshi – definitely worth a look-see.
  • Some new eroge releases we’ll be tracking as further information becomes available: Studio Air’s Niehime, May-Be Soft‘s 2006 summer title (to be announced on the 21st, looks maidish), Caramel Box’s Alicematic (if it’s got “Alice” in the title, it’s got to be gosurori), Tryset’s My Tsuma (whatever happened to mai waifu?), M de Pink’s Maid in Oshigoto, and Silkys’ Ai no Katachi (watch out for loud, irritating flash).
  • Sample CG

  • Psychs-J’s Yami no Senoh (interest: hardcore)
  • Meromero Cute’s Hachukano (interest: otakuism)
  • Sukaradog’s Shite Kudasai [Game Style] (interest: moe designs, bb)
  • U・Me Soft’s Shimai Souzoku (interest: older sister, bb)
  • Zero’s Hitorijime (interest: bb)
  • Juliette’s Natsuiro Kouen (interest: gosurori)
  • Lilith’s Mahou Shinkan Riruje (interest: hardcore, bb)
  • In eroanime news: Ki ni Naru Kimochi vol. 4, out from Schoolzone “early this summer”.

Let’s see how long I can keep up these four-AM mornings…