In today’s update: Suzumiya Haruhi hijacks HD and subverts it to her own demented ends; also porn (lots and lots of eroanime news), and maybe some figures.


I decided yesterday afternoon to do some Visual Culture Society-style research into some of this season’s anime offerings, and this is what the bookstore gave me in exchange for my hard-earned yens. The first few pages of the Haruhi novel mirror Kyon’s monologue at the beginning of the second episode exactly, but beyond that I’m afraid I may be lost at sea…

In other Haruhi news, Kyoto Animation has an official site open with various bits and pieces that aren’t on the series’ rather chaotic official official site. Looking back through the various months of gallery pages is making me sad at all of the missed magazine spread opportunities… who knows how many of those are full-fledged posters.

Don’t forget the Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu SOS-dan Radio Division, currently broadcasting its 10th installment live from Cure Maid Cafe in Akihabara. They’ve got the three lead girls on, and it’s a lark to listen to.

For those who missed the announcement on ANN a couple of days ago, a trailer is online for Miyazaki Goro’s Ged Senki. Seems the animation quality is about on par with Howl, which was a step down from Sen to Chihiro in my book; I find the typical Ghibli designs a bit in conflict with how I remember LeGuin’s stories from when I read them years ago (too bright and “plain” in general), but I’m willing to give them the benifit of the doubt.

In other old trailer news, check out the offering for Ufotable’s Coyote Ragtime Show if you haven’t already. It’s in the uber-l33t b@ckd00r section of the flash interface, for the n3wbs pwned by lackage of coherent English site instruction. Warning: contains scenes of gothic lolita violence, and MISTER.

Majikano web radio has launched! Why now, after the series is over? Saa….

Game site eg has a review online of Kouenji Joshi Soccer, the moe-est of the moe harem soccer dating sims out from Starfish on April 13th. Striking a goal straight to your heart!

A special Pink Sweets installment of Cave’s Ibara web manga is now online for your viewing pleasure. I’m not sure what this all has to do with shooting swarms of bullets at hordes of enemies cascading down from the top of a scrolling 2D screen, but it’s moe, and that’s what matters, right?

Moving on to porn:

Lilith is hard at work on its two titles set for an April 30th package release, Dorei na Kanojo 2 and Mahou Jinguu Riruje, both of which have several sample images online for perusal. Fullmetal Madness fans, be sure to check out the former.

In other Lilith news, an announcement came on Friday that the eroge brand is teaming up with Ani-An under the joint “Pixy” label to produce what will presumably become a series of eroanime OVAs, starting with Hime Kishi Riria vol. 1 (no release date set as of this post).

Eroanime coverage continues with news from 2D Dream Magazine that Ma ga Ochiru Yoru, a novel serialized in the magazine, will recieve the eroanime treatment (presumably courtesy of Himajin, as they did duty on Mahou Shoujo Sae, also a 2D Dream original).

Digging deeper into Himajin’s site reveals quite the scoop: it seems they’ll be animating a two-episode original series titled Akai Ibara, in collaboration with one of my personal favorite doujin / eroge artists, Zundarepon. The characters pictured in the Himajin promo have appeared on his site from time to time (aside from the mother-daughter pair, which it seems he’s recycling from an earlier work), and I’m glad to see them finally being utilized beyond their role as site mascots. More info on the production can be found here.

Updates from Vanilla Anime: Toumei Ningen vol. 2, Donburi Shimai vol. 1.

…and it looks like that’s all we have time for this morning. Figure news on tap for tomorrow~