In today’s update: Demonbane benchmarks, Planetarian movies, Gift animes, Witchblade gravures, Stringendo episode twos, Kurushima resin kits, Sakura Taisen Pinky Streets, elf girls, School Rumble bookends, and the two peaks of Kilimanjaro.

Ero Side

Hobby Side

  • We haven’t seen Maritan in awhile here, but she’s still updating as usual… a sakura-themed Jie-tan currently graces the front of the site.
  • Kurushima announces a pair of well-endowed resin kits due out at the end of May: an aerobics Renki kit from the “Yasumi-chan series”, whatever that is, and a swimsuit Najika from Najika Blitz Tactics.
  • Shinguji Sakura (from Sakura Taisen) Pinky St. ahoy! She’s due out in late May.
  • Out in late June from Toys Planning is this Elf Girl (deep ver.) PVC, complete with removable tunic.
  • School Rumble bookends. From Movic. In June. This is a really cool idea if you ask me, and at that price point it seems they’ll be high enough quality to not look tacky on your shelf. At least, no more tacky than the rest of your figure collection.