In today’s update: new anime from Mamoru Nagano, new Gundam SEED – same old designs, a My Otome OVA, “Night Head” is one of the more suggestive anime titles in recent years, Cave’s Pink Sweets gets a demo video, July figure releases from Alter / Max Factory / Goodsmile, and a bunch of girls in loincloths.

Cherry-picking a few items from Moon Phase here as we get back into the daily updates groove…

  • The official GOTHICMADE anime site is online, the newest brainchild of Five Star Stories creator Mamoru Nagano with substantial backing from Newtype magazine. Fans of wacky robot anime are going to love this.
  • Another Gundam SEED series is in the works, entitled Stargazer. A cursory glance at the site reveals few links to the earlier two installments in the SEED setting aside from the mind-numbingly mediocre character designs, though a note in the News section does reveal that some of the characters and mechs in Destiny will be making an appearance. No word yet on when it will be broadcast – could this be early hype for the Blood+ followup on TBS? If that’s the case, it’ll hit the airwaves this coming fall. ’02 SEED > ’03 FMA > ’04 Destiny > ’05 Blood+ > ’06 Stargazer, huh…
  • Probably old news, but My Otome is getting an OVA.
  • The official Night Head Genesis anime site is pre-open, sporting an intro flash and little else. According to the ad copy in the intro, the “70% of our mental capacity unused at any one time” is known as “Night Head” – and here I thought the show would be about an unfortunate hairstyle or some sort of erectile abnormality.
  • Cave’s Pink Sweets STG site has been updated with a streaming movie introduction to the game. The characters are hot (“erokawaii”) and all, and Touhou has proven that the moe + STG formula works, but I don’t know about this – the music isn’t nearly as good as Touhou, at any rate.
  • In figure news, the Alter / Max Factory / Goodsmile trinity unleash their July slate of PVC releases, bestowing upon us the bounty of Bakuretsu Tenshi’s Amy, Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru’s Miyakouji Mizuho, Fate’s plainclothes Saber (this one from Goodsmile, not a rerelease of Alter’s recent offering), Wagamama Capriccio’s Melissa Serafi (with removable pumpkin), Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo’s Asaba Ureshiko, and Jingai Makyou’s Ignis.
  • Coming in July from Toys Planning is this set of three Fundoshi Musume, and Vice’s May release Lain PVC should now be pre-orderable wherever fine models are sold.

I’ve capped the dozen or so episodes that make up the second part of the spring season anime roundup, so expect an update to that effect later today.