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Spring 2006 Anime Rundown, Part II

HD entered this season doubting that the animation industry had the depth and breadth of talent necessary to pull off sixty new shows at one blow with anything other than low grade drivel as the result. With a whole lot of help from their South Korean counterparts, they’ve somehow pulled it off. HD presents the best of the rest: thirteen shows, 214 screencaps, and more quality anime than should rightfully be on the airwaves at any one time.

Return of the Mainichi Junk

In today’s update: new anime from Mamoru Nagano, new Gundam SEED – same old designs, a My Otome OVA, “Night Head” is one of the more suggestive anime titles in recent years, Cave’s Pink Sweets gets a demo video, July figure releases from Alter / Max Factory / Goodsmile, and a bunch of girls in loincloths.