The final installment in Max Factory’s recently-released Street Fighter trilogy of PVC figures (after Sakura and Chun Li), I decided to pick this Cammy up on the merit of her pose alone. Worth the investment? You decide.

Original Design: Nishimura Kinu (西村キヌ)
Sculptor: Hamasaki Takeshi (濱崎剛)
Source: Street Fighter
Scale: 1/6
Material: PVC
Release Date: March 17th, 2006
Production: Max Factory
Price: 4,800 JPY (tax included)
Current Availability: Discontinued

Final Analysis: 8/10

While I don’t see much that’s not to like about this figure, some may be put off by her perpetually startled (looking for some sort of emoticon for this, failing) expression. As stated in the lead this was a purchase made not out of particular love for the character, but of the provocative pose – it seems I’m not alone in this regard, as of the three figures in the series this one has proven to be the most elusive (not in stock anywhere any more that I can find, HLJ doesn’t even list it). The Chun Li is still widely available, though, most likely because it is fucking HUGE (this Cammy being on the smaller side of 1/6 scale kits).

I found a retroactive justification for the purchase when looking into the character designer, as a quick Google search reveals that Nishimura Kinu is also the pen behind the Overman King Gainer designs, my all-time favorite robot show. Max Factory put out a model of King Gainer a year or so ago – here’s holding out hopes for an Adette / Sara / Jabori / Cynthia set like this Street Fighter one. :3

On the technical side of things, this is the first review done with my new lighting setup. I’m pretty happy with how it came out (relative to the old paper-lined wooden box) but it still needs some work… strive for perfection we shall. Oh, and the header and footer should have been 450 pixels wide, not 400. Oops.