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Mainichi Junk: Putting the “two” in 2D

They’re snakes, see. And they’re on this plane…

Figure Review: Alter Garnet

The Goodsmile / Alter / Max Factory junta just keeps pushing them out, with The Rumble Fish’s Garnet falling prey most recently to their sculptural wiles. How many enormous zippers does one nurse need? Will HD ever lead a review with something other than a question? Stunning revelations below.

Figure Review: Maicching! Machiko-sensei

Back when this item was announced I immediately flagged it as the spiritual successor to the redoubtable Sengoku Cannon Koyori, coming as it does from Megahouse’s Department of Shameless PVC Erotica – err, “Excellent Model Core” division. Who is Machiko-sensei, why should you care, and more importantly, is she wearing any? Read on!

Figure Review: Max Factory Cammy

The final installment in Max Factory’s recently-released Street Fighter trilogy of PVC figures (after Sakura and Chun Li), I decided to pick this Cammy up on the merit of her pose alone. Worth the investment? You decide.