In today’s update: The future of anime is now, with Konami’s remaining three new show sites launched, a new movie from Studio 4C, a Druaga anime from Gonzo, a Shakugan no Shana movie, lolikon, animated Louis the 15th, animated postapocalyptic nationalism, monster love, and hip hop from WOWOW, and my early pick for most potential of the year, Seirei no Moribito.

Media Side

Let’s get down to business:

  • First up is Tekkon Kinkreet, a feature film from the redoubtable Studio 4C. Further details will be unveiled at the Tokyo International Anime Fair this weekend, but it’s scheduled to hit theaters around New Years 2007.
  • Next comes news from Gonzo that both a TV anime and an online game based on Namco’s storied Druaga franchise will be released in the coming year.
  • Konami launches sites for their three remaining titles scooped earlier (in addition to Sky Girls), all due out by spring 2007: Otogi Juushi Akazukin, Tokimeki Memorial, and Saint October.
  • It’s official: Shakugan no Shana is getting a movie. No details on it yet aside from the main staff, which looks to remain consistent with that of the series.
  • How do you spell lolikon? The Chokotto Sister TV anime site would like to help answer that.
  • The upcoming Seirei no Moribito TV anime from Production IG is looking to be more up my alley than most of today’s other offerings, but it could turn out to be another vaguely dissatisfying non-starter. Here’s hoping; it’s not every day that we get a 30-year-old female naginata (ok, it looks more like a generic spear)-wielding anime protagonist, after all.
  • Chevalier is yet another new show coming down the pipes. It’s got a whole lot of text on the introduction page, it does. A brief glance at it shows that the splash image is indeed worth a thousand words: French, 18th century, mystery. Wigs. Burning buildings. Yep. Could be cool. Hey, Louis the 15th makes an appearance.
  • WOWOW has some pages up for new shows scheduled to air upon its airwaves in the coming months, including Taiyou no Mokushiroku, Kemonojime, and Tokyo Tribe 2. First sentences of the descriptions for each: “Following a great earthquake, the capital was distroyed and Japan’s main island of Honshu was split in half.” “The woman he loved was the most hideous of monsters. The man she loved was the ultimate monster hunter.” “This ‘Tokyo’ is a bit different from the ‘Tokyo’ you know. In this one, it is inhabited by various ‘tribes’.” Given the choice between Taiyou’s nationalist overtones, Kemono’s monster love, and Tribe’s portrayal of transcoded American culture sans any legitimate roots in cultural expression, I’ll stick with the monsters.
  • You can watch a preview of the Joushikousei TV anime, if you want. Looks rather amusing. If that weren’t enough, a fan book (mostly based on the manga it seems) will be out on March 28th.
  • eg brings us the first (tiny, horribly artifacted .jpg) glimpse of promotional work for ufotable’s Coyote Ragtime Show, which despite its tiny and horribly artifacted nature provides an idea of the tone they’ll be striking with the show – one which I fully support.
  • Event reports are coming in from the industry days of the TAF, with ITmedia drawing first blood. The main events will take place tomorrow and Sunday (the 25th and 26th of March respectively), so stay tuned.