In today’s update: four new anime projects from Konami; a bushel of other anime announcements including Muteki Kanban Musume, Project Blue Chikyuu SOS, and Pinky St.; Geneon and WOWOW represent at the Tokyo International Anime Fair; an amusing flash animation in English accompanies the grand opening of the Tokyo Anime Center; eroanime scoops from Vanilla, Himajin, and TinkerBell; the week in eroge releases; and Max Factory / Goodsmile finally cough up Al Ajif and Mahou Shoujo Rin PVCs, respectively.

Media Side

  • Why launch one new anime series at a time when you can launch four? Konami will unveil Otogi Juushi Akazukin, Sky Girls (aka Mechamusume: The OVA), Tokimeki Memorial (TV), and Saint October at the Tokyo International Anime Fair later this month. They will also be presenting Busou Shinki, which may just be another name for their MMS figure project scooped at Wonder Festival.
  • According to this rather inscrutable cover of Shonen Champion Magazine, Muteki Kanban Musume (trans. “the invincible pretty daughter who attracts boys to parents’ shop”, thank you wwwjdic) is slated to become an anime.
  • A preview video is online today for the upcoming Ar Tonelico OVA, accessible via the “project” section of the game’s official site.
  • A preview video for upcoming TV anime Hime-sama no Goyoushin is available on its official site as well, see the lower right corner of the Flash interface.
  • A preview video for the Demonbane TV anime will be online later today courtesy of Animate.
  • Entering the “old news” division, a preview video is online for TV anime Utawarerumono.
  • Official sites are online for upcoming anime Shoujo Changumu no Yume, Zero no Tsukaima, Project Blue Chikyuu SOS, and a Pinky St. OVA.
  • Those looking for a glimpse into the future of Galaxy Angel are advised to check out the long version promo video available for the second installment of its game franchise.
  • Want to know what Geneon will be up to at the Tokyo International Anime Fair? Check it out. Eight titles airing in April… this season is going to be lethal for anyone trying to follow things at all comprehensively. Oh, WOWOW will be there too.
  • Ufotable’s Coyote Ragtime Show has been replacing its background splash image regularly, frustrating for those of us who missed prior incarnations but it seems many of the characters are named after months (March, April, May, June)? According to the studio’s community diary work on the show proceeds apace, and has now entered the “rush” phase.
  • The Tokyo Anime Center, located in Akihabara’s new Crossfield high-rise, is now grand open! The flash animation on the main page is worth a gander, if only for the Austr-alien anime fan. “What? What is that?! An anime? That’s great! I want to know all about it!”

Ero Side

Hobby Side

  • A cosplaying teacher gives Hobby Japan’s 60-cm Ruri doll a full introduction today, for those on the fence with their hard-earned yens.
  • Bishoujo figure only online hobby shop is now grand open for business (along with its counterpart What does this mean to any of us? Probably nothing, though it’s likely to attract a certain amount of custom simply by virtue of being new. Be nice if they shipped internationally…
  • A quick glance at HobbyNet reveals that Goodsmile’s Mahou Shoujo Rin from Fate / hollow ataraxia and Max Factory’s Al Ajif from Demonbane went on sale yesterday, at long last.

I’ve entered the “coughing up bucketloads of phlegm” phase of this cold, which means things are hopefully on the mend. One more update like this and we should be pretty much up to date…