Confirmation of items announced at Wonder Festival keeps on rolling in, conspicuously including Goodsmile’s then-unphotographable Eri PVC from School Rumble along with Max Factory’s Carmen 99, the Bome collection Kaname & Tessa set, Primula from Atelier-Sai, Toranoana’s Mig 60 mechamusume, etc. etc. Also, a surprise set of Valkyrie Profile trading figures.

Coming Attractions

March 2006

April 2006

May 2006

June 2006

  • Yamato’s Wendy PVC from Gun x Sword
  • Yamato’s Yumi Sayaka PVC from Mazinger Z
  • Lillics’ Chii PVC from Chobits
  • Wave’s Sara & Souju PVC set from Futakoi Alternative
  • Goodsmile’s Eri PVC from School Rumble
  • Max Factory’s Carmen 99 PVC from Gun x Sword

July 2006

September 2006

  • Konami’s Aiguru PVC from Rumble Roses
  • Konami’s Anastasia PVC from Rumble Roses

Now On Sale

Came down with a pretty bad cold on Monday; it’s back to work today, though. Think I may have managed to find some motivation in the interim…