Japanese otaku tend to cluster around certain items like sharks in an inexplicable feeding frenzy of consumption, and this figure was one of them. Is Yujin’s recent attempt at a 3-D incarnation of Samurai Spirits’ Iroha worth the carnivorous pursuit? Read on.

Original Design: Satou Yoshihito (佐藤好人)
Sculptor: Satou Yoshihito (佐藤好人)
Source: Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuden
Scale: Non
Material: PVC
Release Date: March 1st, 2006
Production: Yujin
Price: 3,360 JPY (tax included)
Current Availability: Backordered (alternate color version preorder)

Final Analysis: 7/10

The past six months have seen a veritable boom in Iroha’s popularity, inspiring a raft of doujinshi as well as several resin kits and trading figures (and singlehandedly reviving the Samurai Spirits franchise in the process). This is the first time she’s been incarnated in PVC, though I’m doubting it’ll be the last, if enthusiasm for the character continues to build as I’m sure it will; she’s a maid. And a ninja. And well-rounded in all the right places. At the same time. What’s not to like?

While this is certainly the best quality we’ve seen out of Yujin’s SRDX line in awhile, the small scale of the model relative to the price relegates it to the lower range of hotness (as does the fact that a certain someone had to pay double for it from a reseller on Amazon). Worth twenty bucks? Sure. Thirty? Maybe. Sixty? …only if you’re an idiot, especially with the recent news that an alternate color version will be available later this spring for those who missed out on it the first time around.