The third and final installment of the event’s figure news brings scoops from Toys Planning, Toranoana, Konami, and several other sources (Akane Shinsha, Wafuudou Ganguten, Ensky, CM’s, Atelier-Sai, Vice), along with updates from HobbyNet on items now on sale and / or available for preorder. Notable entries include new mechamusume offerings from Toranoana and Konami, various Rumble Roses, Hazuki, Primula, and a Lain PVC for the ABe fans. Finally caught up with figure news, and it only took two weeks!

Note: there’s some borderline ero material in here that I haven’t bothered to mark, so proceed with caution if you’re browsing at work.

Wonder Festival Scoops: Toys Planning

  • Nekomiko-tama original PVC, coming in spring 2006
  • Rio PVC from Super Black Jack, coming in March
  • Fii-tan (Akibajin mascot) PVC, coming in 2006
  • Mutsuki-chan original PVC, coming in 2006
  • Akezuki Ayumi PVC from Ringetsu, coming in April
  • Da Capo Summer Vacation trading figures, coming in June
  • Ouka PVC from something Nitro+, coming in summer 2006
  • Ayano PVC from Pia Carrot he Youkoso!! G.O., coming in 2006

Wonder Festival Scoops: Toranoana

Wonder Festival Scoops: Konami

Wonder Festival Scoops: Miscellaneous

… and that’s a wrap. The remaining items scooped at this year’s event were either a) soon to be released and thus unnecessarily redundant, b) unassembled / unpainted garage kits, or c) photography prohibited or so highly speculative that listing them here would be irresponsible. A glance at HobbyNet from the past few days shows that some of the items scooped here and in the previous two fallout posts are already making their way into the preorder queues:

Coming Attractions

March 2006

April 2006

May 2006

June 2006

Now On Sale

I was mortified to find out earlier today that the Yujin Iroha I had on order at my local hobby shop would not, in fact, be entering my possession; apparently the store didn’t recieve enough of them from its distributor to fill all of the preorders. Not particularly surprised about this, given its consistent ranking at the top of various preorder charts for the past several months, but it just goes to show you that if you’re not on top of release news every single minute of every single day, POOF – things you want will slip through your fingers.

I bit the bullet this afternoon and put in an order at Amazon for a second-hand copy of the item, figuring it would be better to pick one up now at twice the initial sales price than to wait for it to triple. We’ll see if the gamble pays off; either way, I’ll have a review of it online when it arrives in the next few days.

Whew. With that I think we’re pretty much caught up with the post-Wanfesu rush; hopefully things will settle back into their normal rhythm from here on out. Have a question on anything you see here? Post it to comments, and maybe someone can puzzle out an answer.