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Winter 2006 Wonder Festival Figure News Fallout, Part 3

The third and final installment of the event’s figure news brings scoops from Toys Planning, Toranoana, Konami, and several other sources (Akane Shinsha, Wafuudou Ganguten, Ensky, CM’s, Atelier-Sai, Vice), along with updates from HobbyNet on items now on sale and / or available for preorder. Notable entries include new mechamusume offerings from Toranoana and Konami, various Rumble Roses, Hazuki, Primula, and a Lain PVC for the ABe fans. Finally caught up with figure news, and it only took two weeks!

Mainichi Junk: Serenity

In today’s update: bushels of anime site updates, a rather boring Higurashi preview video, Strawberry Panic character profiles, April’s Megami Magazine contents, more details on Valis Cross and some ruminations on the future of eroge distribution models, a roundup of the week’s modest crop of eroge, a new brand from the artist behind the Kakyuusei series, updates at Key’s Little Busters site, a pair of hot new Queen’s Blade game books are scooped and Hobby Stock represents with the “queen of tsundere”.