In today’s update: Chocotto Sister TV anime announced, ufotable’s newest anime project unveiled (and it’s not Manabi Street?!), Kimikiss gets a street date along with Demonbane for the PS2, Dengeki magazine deluge, Noantica pillowcase, the monthly batch of Milky (ero) Anime, a new promo movie for the Kimura Takehiro-designed Ano Machi no Koi no Shi, and a brace of really bad metaphors.

Media Side

  • A TV anime was announced for Chocotto Sister in a recent edition of Young Animal, and now its official site is online. The show is slated for a summer 2006 (probably July) broadcast.
  • Having not been following ufotable closely as of late I was surprised to see this item pop up today: the official site is open for what seems to be a full-fledged TV anime produced under their auspices entitled Coyote Ragtime Show. I was expecting to see further development of Manabi Straight before anything new from them was announced as the studio has seemed to work serially in the past; based purely on the visuals (and name) of this new offering I’d say they’re aiming for the Cowboy Bebop market, but that could be wildly off the mark. Certainly less in the “moe” vein than their two most recent TV series.
  • Speaking of moe, Kogado has pre-opened the site for their upcoming web novel Majo Cafe, which begins serialization on February 28th.
  • Toei’s official Kami-sama Kazoku TV anime site has been updated with staff and cast information.
  • Enterbrain’s PS2 AVG Kimikiss is posted at a May 25th release date, as several other sections of the official site also recieve updates.
  • The fourth in a series of interviews with the creators of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni can be found online here courtesy of Toranoana.
  • Comptiq scoops the April 27th PS2 release of Nitro+’s Demonbane, timed to coincide with the spring run of the TV series. [official Kadokawa PS2 game site]
  • eg has a quite thorough review of Disgaea 2 online today, released on February 23rd.
  • New episodes of web radio online today from Amaenaideyo!! and Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuu-utsu.
  • Media Works scoops their end of the month magazine blitz today with updates for April’s editions of Dengeki G’s Magazine (complete with Fate / stay night poster and Strawberry Panic scoop), Dengeki Maoh, Dengeki Hobby Magazine, and Dengeki Gao. They also have a list of February-released manga volumes online, including Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl vol. 3, Muv Luv Unlimited vol. 2, and Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora vol. 1.
  • Comic Gum has renovated their official site, and for those of us tired of viewing it hideously broken in Firefox it’s about bloody time. >:(
  • Buy the first volume of the Ar Tonelico manga at either Animate or Gamers and you get a postcard!

Ero Side

Right now I’m feeling how Shipon felt in the later episodes of Stellvia where she was trying to cope with the insane rush of data coming at her in the revamped piloting system configuration… there’s just too much coming too fast from too many sources. To coin a lame metaphor, I’m drowning in the hurricane that’s currently swamping the coastal information superhighway. Ah, for the sunny days when there was nothing but boring crap to update about. I’ll try to get a figure-focused post out as soon as possible; the thought of falling even further behind brings a certain sense of dread…