A roundup of Akibajin and Akiba Blog event reports (with a nod to Midareuchi), as well as the tentative 2006 bishoujo PVC figure release schedules from Max Factory, Goodsmile, and Alter. So much raw data to process… brain hurts…

Akiba Blog reports

Akibajin reports

Jumping diety-on-a-pogo-stick, that’s a whole lot of hot PVC. What does this actually mean for us poor, hapless fools trying to keep up with the rising tide of pending bishoujo figure releases?

Max Factory

    May 2006


    April 2006
  • Tokiha Mai from My HiME
  • Ohno Kanako from Genshiken
  • May 2006

  • Henrietta from Gunslinger Girl
  • June 2006

  • Eri from School Rumble
  • July 2006

  • Saber from Fate / hollow ataraxia
  • Lucy Maria Misora from To Heart 2
  • Melissa Serafi from Wagamama Capriccio
  • August 2006

  • Fate / stay night posing figure series
  • Kousaka Tamaki from To Heart 2
  • Kazami Mizuho from Onegai Teacher
  • Shinku from Rozen Maiden
  • September 2006

  • Fate Testarossa from Nanoha A’s
  • Sakura from Fate / hollow ataraxia
  • October 2006

  • Saber (maid ver.) from Fate / stay night
  • November 2006

  • Karen from Fate / stay night
  • Nanoha from Nanoha A’s
  • December 2006

  • Rin (maid ver.) from Fate / stay night
  • Date Pending

  • V.I.P Smile 600 trading figures
  • Mesousa from Paniponi Dash
  • ??? from Muv Luv Alternative
  • Succubus from Mabinogi
  • Arin from Pangya
  • Sumomo from Nanatsuiro Drops
  • Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai


    June 2006

Any questions about a particular item? Want to see it paired with an image (if available)? Leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do. Further scoops from Kotobukiya, Konami, Toys Planning, Toranoana, Kaiyodo, Yamato, Griffon, Art Road, Atelier-Sai, Gigapulse, Chara-ani, Solid Theater, etc. coming as soon as time and sanity permit.