In today’s update: We catch up on Moon Phase updates with notes on the Angel’s Feather OVA, pachinko anime, undulating jawlines, podcasting voice actors, thirty new eroge (including the long-awaited Muv Luv Alternative), dynamite figure news from Queen’s Blade and Megahouse, more Wonder Festival scoops, and a mini-rant on the “A boy” phenomenon.

Media Side

  • A promo video is online today for the upcoming Angel’s Feather OVA.
  • I assume most off the people reading this also check ANN regularly, but if not, an anime based on a line of pachinko machines is slated to air in April. In other new April anime news, the characters in Rabuge-chu seem to have sine waves flowing through their jaws. Might want to get that looked at…
  • In case you missed it earlier, ITmedia has a scoop online of Cave’s Ibara webcomic, the first epsiode of which is currently available via the maker’s official site (Flash player 8 required).
  • Episode 16 of Gun x Sword net radio is online today, along with a third installment of the Magipoka web manga.
  • Want to cosplay as Etna or Flonne without going to the trouble of actually putting the costume together? Enough money will get you anywhere (provided you’re skinny enough to fit).
  • I’ve been seeing references to this pop up for awhile now, so I figured it might be worth mentioning – Kouenji Joshi Soccer is a PS2 ADV coming from Star Fish in March that will let you date the soccer team, apparently. Beware the comically shrunken Flash implementation, and music that is difficult to disable.
  • Web Anime Style has character design work online today for the upcoming xxxHolic TV anime. Holy distended arms, Batman. These designs look almost One Pieceish, except each of the characters seems to have Luffy’s stretching ability. Constantly in use.
  • Your favorite Japanese voice actors (mostly female) are now podcasting online at I’ve never subscribed to a podcast myself and I have no idea how it works but this looks like it might have the potential to turn into something big.

Ero Side

Hobby Side

Of the many bastard children spawned by the Densha Otoko boom, the “A boy” phenomenon is assuredly the misbegotten runt of the litter. The “A” stands for Akihabara, and its assertion is that the popular TV series has lent Akiba-kei otaku guys a nominal amount of credibility as dating material. As Hating the Otaku Wave points out, this is a bizarre and unfounded correlation; it hasn’t stopped the fad from being mined for new eroge material, though, and I have to say I’m curious (as I always am when some metacultural artifact like this pops up). The main heroine suddenly confesses her love to the otaku protagonist, and he runs away… could be an amusing premise.

Whew. Caught up with Moon Phase through yesterday, so only Hobbynet, Akiba Blog, Akibajin, and Midareuchi remain… I’ll try to churn out the resulting massive figure post tonight.