For visual highlights of one of the largest hobby conventions in the world, unencumbered by burdensome text, you’ve come to the right place. A more studied (and wordier) report will follow as time and sanity permit.

What you won’t see here:

  1. Pictures of PVC kits slated for future release that were announced prior to the event (with a few exceptions) and PVCs that are currently on sale
  2. Pictures of items marked “DON’T TAKE A PICTURE OF THIS”
  3. Pictures of kits already scooped in reports on prior events (with a few exceptions)
  4. Pictures of stuff from most of the big, prolific circles (t’s system, Cerberus Project, S-MIST, etc.) because they’ll be online elsewhere courtesy of Japanese bloggers and I’ll probably just link them later.
  5. Pictures of robots, mecha, vehicles, monsters, male characters, etc. etc. (again, with a few exceptions). I am but one man in the very vast wilderness that was Wanfesu, so for better or for worse, bishoujo figures are the name of the game here. For what may turn out to be a broader look at the event, I recommend the visually stunning (if somewhat uninformed) glimpse provided over at

Note 1: Some items in the “anime” section have yet to be animated, but are currently known to be in preproduction (or in wishful thinking, in the case of Yotsuba).

Note 2: Aside from the pre-painted kits (labeled as such), all other figures shown here should be assumed to be unassembled, unpainted limited edition polyresin “garage kits”. Further details regarding upcoming PVC releases will be listed here as soon as I’ve had the chance to canvas the more definitive Japanese sites; details on individual garage kits may be available upon request (depending on whether I can track the maker down or not).

Note 3: This is by no means a complete representatation of what was on sale, but I think it’s a decent cross-section that gives a feel of the sheer enormity of the event.

Note 4: Gamera loves you.





Misc. / Unknown

Pre-painted kits (PVC, polystone, cold cast)

Ero (18+)

Seem a bit overwhelming? That’s because it is. The mind reels… I’ll try to parse this all down into something intelligible in the next few days. In the interim, the writeup from last year’s event might clear some things up.