In today’s update: anime returns to the silver screen with the announcement of Dennou Coil, an Ar Tonelico OVA and manga, the Disgaea 2 OP animation, Kyou no 5 no 2 promo clip and cast details, REC’s DVD release costs $1 a minute, the weekly web radio roundup, Leaf’s Fullani music player, Terios’s next eroge title announced, Kotobukiya’s Sela-chan PVC to be reissued, Gun x Sword trading figures on sale along with Cowboy Bebop’s Spike and the Fastech 360S train girl, and a few last Wonder Festival scoops leading up to tomorrow’s event.

Media Side

  • Announced yesterday, Dennou Coil picks up the torch of theatrical animation from Gin-iro no Kami no Agito in the search for animated film (other than Miyazaki) that stands on its own artistic merit in the broader world of cinema. It will be directed by Iso Mitsuo [ANN Encyclopedia entry] and produced by Madhouse.
  • Big news from Ar Tonelico‘s “project” section today, as a manga and an OVA are both announced to be in production surrounding the game. Looks like my prediction was on the mark… The first (and perhaps only) volume of the manga will be on sale March 10th, with the OVA coming on March 22nd. It seems the latter will be composed mostly of animated footage produced as part of various game elements, unfortunately.
  • According to this ITmedia article (which seems to be no longer online, but is still linked to from the top news page), Leaf / Aquaplus’s Utawarerumono anime will be broadcast starting in April, with the OP to be performed by Suara.
  • The Disgaea 2 opening animation is now online at the game’s official site (check the “Downloads” section). With the caveat that I haven’t played the original game, it’s looking pretty darn cool.
  • A promo movie for the upcoming Kyou no 5 no 2 OVA is online today courtesy of While the OVA itself isn’t ero the material in the Galge sidebar and footer definitely is; not recommended for browsing at work. The latest news on the project is that there will be two vocal tracks: one featuring the standard set of seiyuu, and the other featuring the aformentioned “kid’s idol group” Sweet Kiss. One of whom is an American from California named Jessica, apparently. How do you spell international lolikon market?
  • The official site for upcoming TV anime Yoshinaga-san Uchi no Gargoyle has been given a facelift, and I for one am looking forward to the wacky plantgirl antics it seems to hold in store.
  • A promotional video for REC is up at the show’s official site. Apparently the entire series will be available on DVD in one shot on May 17th for 15,750 yen; seems like a good deal, until you realize that the entire series comes up at 120 minutes, and longer theatrical movies can be had here for a fifth of the price. ;_;
  • As scooped in the Sunday GX diary, Binbou Shimai Monogatari becomes the latest manga to travel the rags-to-riches route to drama CD conversion and possible future animehood.
  • Weekly Web Radio Roundup
  • PS2 editions of Haru no Ashioto and Baldr Force EXE (best ver.) will be out on March 30th and March 23rd respectively. [ITmedia scoop]
  • “Interactive anime” dancingblade Katte ni Momo Tenshi will be coming out on UMD from Konami on March 16th. The interactivity can be toggled on and off to select a branching story mode or a standard view mode.
  • Further details on TV anime Inukami! and its related manga and novel properties are online here courtesy of Media Works.
  • Anime Web Style has their second installment of Noein character design works online today.
  • A calendar spanning the Japanese 2006-2007 school year will be released in mid-March featuring illustrations from the AIR TV anime.
  • The first episode of Cave’s Ibara web manga is officially online today; Flash player 8 required. In other Cave news, Game Watch scoops the maker’s presentation of their new Pink Sweets STG at this weekend’s Amusement Expo 2006.
  • Bandai’s official Fighting Beauty Wulong PS2 game site is pre-open today, providing the potential impetus for a new wave of fighting game doujinshi.
  • After hours at the 2006 Tokyo International Anime Fair visitors will have the option to stick around for the “Tokyo Ani-Song Festival” [official site] [other official site], a live concert event featuring a cast of anime theme vocalists taking place in the Big Sight on the night of March 24th.
  • Media Works has updated their Dengeki Daioh page to feature the contents of its April edition, on sale February 21st.

Ero Side

Hobby Side

  • This just in from Kotobukiya’s web shop: their store-exclusive Sela-chan PVC is slated for a second production run due out in April, so those who missed her the first time around will have a second chance (though from what I can tell it’s still a Kotobukiya exclusive release).
  • The few. The proud. The top image update. Navy-san is best, hands down. :3
  • A reminder from Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora today that a Rika figure will be included with the February 27th edition of Dengeki Comic GAO. In other Media Works magazine news, the first issue of Dengeki Hobby EX is now on sale, complete with a partially-clothed Audrey April Gundam heroine figure.
  • Armed with the bait-and-switch of a skirt split up the middle and a baseball bat behind her back and coming in March from Kotobukiya is this Kunugi Ayano resin kit from Pia Carrot he Youkoso!! G.O. The flood of new Pia Carrot figures begins… tagging onto the end of the older generation is this Tropical ver. Kinoshita Takako PVC from Pia Carrot he Youkoso 3, now definitively on sale.
  • These Gun x Sword trading figures from CMS are on sale today, along with Cowboy Bebop’s Spike in PVC form courtesy of Yamato, and the Fastech 360S train girl PVC from Yuuyu. [source train] [sale scoops from Akibajin] Spike is looking pretty big there – 1/6 or 1/7 scale, more than I was expecting.
  • Coming in late April from maker Z.ON is this set of Paniponi Dash trading figures.
  • Range Murata’s Pinky St. set has been pushed back to a late May release.
  • Wanfesu Corner
    • Hoo boy, this is the big one. Or it will be tomorrow… if I get the chance I’ll post another Wanfesu preview post later today, but this may be the last call before the descent into mayhem.
    • Hobby Channel scoops Kotobukiya’s event offerings today. Still no low-angle shot on the Saber kit?
    • Check out Midareuchi’s lineup for more comprehensive information than I could possibly wrap up here in these last few hectic pre-event hours.
    • A little pre-event scoop from Nitro+ that personally made my day: not one, not two, but THREE PVCs of Ignis from [ERO] Jingai Makyou are currently in production, from Alter, Kaiyodo, and Max Factory respectively. Here’s hoping for sample kits at the event, of which many pictures will be taken. Oh yes, they will.

…ok, that’s enough for this entry. As mentioned above, if I get the chance I’ll post again this evening with more Wonder Festival info, but there’s a lot of prep to do yet today… if I can’t squeeze something out tonight expect a post-event update tomorrow, as I have a three o’clock alarm call in the morning. As Midareuchi says, it’s going to be a hard schedule for the next few days.